whimsical green wall mural of trees and birds in landscape on the walls of this kids room. Brown vintage kids bed in wood. Grey wooden floor. Toys on the floor

Woodland Kids

12 products

12 products

Step into a world of whimsy and wonder, where walls come alive with tales of fantasy and imagination. Our new Woodland Kids wall mural collection is a vibrant canvas that sparks the young heart's desire to explore, dream, and embark on magical journeys. With each mural, we weave a captivating story, painting landscapes that are both colorful and harmonious, where the magic of nature takes center stage.

In these playful details, you'll discover a symphony of colors and delightful scenes that transport your child to an enchanting realm. It's a collection that whispers romantic tales of woodland adventures, where every bird, tree, and vibrant landscape tells a unique story.

As your child gazes upon these playful murals, their imagination takes flight, weaving intricate narratives in the theater of their mind. With each brushstroke and every vivid hue, we aim to inspire the creative spirit within them, encouraging them to explore the boundless realms of their own creativity.

With Woodland Birds, it's not just about adorning walls; it's about crafting an immersive experience where your child can play, learn, and grow. These murals foster an environment of joy and curiosity, inviting little ones to interact with the enchanting scenes, engaging in storytelling and imaginative play.

Whether it's a charming forest with whimsical birds or a dreamy woodland landscape, our collection is designed to bring the beauty of nature into their world while igniting their sense of wonder. These wall murals effortlessly blend into any room, creating a space where harmony and playful exploration go hand in hand.

Let your child's room become a canvas of imagination, where every mural is a portal to new adventures. With our Woodland Birds Kids Wall Mural Collection, we invite you to join us on this colorful journey, where every wall tells a story, and where the magic of childhood thrives in every playful detail.

Woodland Birds

Infuse your home with enchantment through our playful Woodland Birds kids wall mural. Find yourself in the serene landscape of a forest, brought to life with charming hand-painted embellishments in the form of birds, rolling hills, and delicate flowers. This whimsical wall mural comes in three coloful options Sand, Green and Blue fitting perfect for any kids rooms

Animal Garden

The simplicity of a climbing flower branch with the playfulness of animals captured in a wallpaper. Hand painted details from the flower petals, the bark to the animals such as rabbits and squirrels that are climbing up the branches. A simple and eye-catching big scaled animal floral wall mural with a muted yellow color scheme, that captures your interest as soon as you step into the kids room. Animal Garden wall mural comes in both Yellow and Green


Large branches with leaves are covering the wall. Playfulness with a classic twist that can be seen anywhere from a kids room, nursery or playroom. This iconic and classic wall mural designs is available in four colors Green, Soft Beige, Yellow and Blue.