Wall murals in colors sets the mood

The power of colors

Walking into a room and getting struck by a sense of comfort and ease can sometimes make you feel a warm energy or playful creativity. This feeling can oftentimes be due to color choices. Environmental colors have a significant impact on our mood and even emotions. Therefore, it can be a good idea to start considering the feeling you would like to bring to the space before choosing the color of your wall mural. In a bedroom you may want to relax and de-stress, whilst in an office you may need to be alert and creative. Of course, colors can affect us differently on an individual level, but, according to color psychology, there are some overall connotations and emotions related to each color. So, instead of asking yourself the question of “what color should I choose for my wall mural?”, try to reverse the question and ask “what feelings do I want this room to increase?”. Keeping this in mind for a new renovation project, or an update of the current state of a room can be extremely valuable for your wellbeing long term. 


Pink sense of softness

Pink wall murals on the other hand can convey a sense of softness and playfulness. Pink is also commonly associated with femininity, eventhough this idea may be considered a bit outdated. Softer shades of pink have a calming effect, with some even claiming that it can help reduce anxiety. Whether that is true or not, it is still your perfect choice for the bedroom or livingroom.

Red for the bold

Red is the most vibrant color in the spectrum and has been proven to likely increase energy levels. The color represents emotions in their entirety. The depth and warmth of red colors along the passion radiated makes it perfect for spaces where you want to create that extra “wow”-feeling. All wall murals in red shades, from burgundy to softer shades might be the right choice if you are looking for a striking feature. If you prefer a more subtle approach, red is also the perfect complementary color to use for details and to make other colors stand out. 



Orange creativity boost

If you are looking for a shade that will help boost creativity, orange may be the one for you! The color can create a sense of warmth, increased energy and feelings of happiness. Orange also encourages socialization, and will therefore be a preferred color in public areas or kitchens and dining areas where people socialize and connect. Shades of ocra, an orange mixed with brown, could be the perfect deeper tone of orange suitable for the bedroom or more peaceful spaces.

Yellow lightness

Finding the perfect shade of yellow can evoke a feeling of happiness and will bring that extra light to a room. It mirrors the feeling of sunlight, expressed through a color. As the color of the sun, yellow also gives a similar increase in serotonin that daylight gives us. Adding a wall mural with yellow tones anywhere in your home can therefore be the perfect mood booster.



Green relaxation  

In TV contexts, there is reasoning behind the term “green room”. The purpose of this room is to make guests feel relaxed and safe through a soothing atmosphere. There is no doubt that this is exactly what the color green represents. Nature itself usually has the same impact, so why would you not want to bring the same feeling in to your home? We offer a wide selection or nature inspired wall murals in different shades of green.

Blue stress reducing breezes

Just like green tones are associated with nature, and yellow tones with the sun, blue can be correlated with the feeling we get from looking at the sky or sea. Apart from the calmness it brings, blue is also thought to be associated with loyalty and intelligence. You can’t go wrong or have too much of this color. The sky is the limit with blue wall murals.



Black elegant contrast

Black and white might be considered “non-colors”, but are not to be forgotten about when it comes to wall murals! On the contrary, adding black creates contrast and dimension in a powerful way that other colors won’t. It connotes elegance and sophistication and will never get outdated. Combined with other colors, you can eliminate the risk of your room getting too dark.

White timeless refresh 

White is always a safe, yet gorgeous choice of color for wall murals. It refreshes every corner and can be combined with any color through interior. It is also the perfect way to make a smaller room feel bigger whilst ensuring a sense of timelessness and longevity.

Multi colored artworks

Are you having trouble choosing between colors? You don’t have to! Let the colors accentuate each other by combining them all in a colorful wall mural that can work as an outstanding piece of art. Combine your colorful wall mural with neutral toned interior, or go all in with colorful furniture to match. All colors combined will guarantee a creative and playful space that brings energy and happiness every time!