red and wall mural on the back wall of this bedroom. Beige and white bed with linnen bedding. Wooden floor.

Red Wallpapers

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51 products


Red is a powerful color that evokes passion, energy, and strength. From fiery hues to subtle shades, the color red offers a wealth of inspiring options for wallpapers. From a deep burgundy to a vibrant scarlet, red wallpapers can add a daring splash of color to any room. If you want to bring a sense of energy and power to your space, consider a bold red wallpaper. You can create a striking feature wall with a vibrant shade of red or add a subtle hint of color with a muted hue. Whatever you choose, red wallpapers can help you create a powerful and inspiring atmosphere.

Find inspiration with our red wallpaper ideas in tones from soft red all the way to burgundy. Warm tones of red colors adds a modern touch to your interior.  We have a wide selection of red wall mural designs from geometric shapes, artistic art to florals and forest trees.  Browse our red wall mural collection and dare to go bold and and a warm red tone to your home.

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In our selection of wallpaper mural designs we do have a big variety of designs within these warm red colored tones. All the way from pink & red, do deep burgundy. You can find designs that suits everything from kids room, modern powder room & bold living room. On our website you can easily browse among our designs sorted by the color of your choice.

Find inspiration with our red and burgundy wallpaper ideas. Here you can find a wide range of both wallpapers and wall murals in different shades and varieties of red color ways.

Geometric Shades

An elegant burgundy pattern inspired by the vintage geometrical patterns from the 60´s and 70´s. Add this lovely red wallpaper to your walls and the effect is just stunning.

Rectangular Embroidery

Inspired from the craft of embroidery in rectangular shapes, we have created this unique red wallpaper with a three dimensional illusion. Embrace your home with a retro style wallpaper for a nostalgic feeling with a modern touch.

Woodland Forest 

Our Woodland Forest in rusty red is a simple yet stunning design and an eclectic alternative to a creamy based color palette, bringing nature into the home in the process. Hand painted trees with inspiration from historic tapestries and wallpaper. Bring some eclectic red wall mural to your interior!