The story behind - Faded Memories by Karolina Kling


Imagine strolling down a quaint cobblestone street in Southern France. As you walk, you're taken by the ornate facades and breathtaking architectural details around you—every corner a living art gallery. You feel the pull of an enigmatic, modern doorway amidst the classical charm, and as you step through, you're enveloped by a transcendent fusion of artistic boldness and historical richness. Welcome to Belarte Studio's latest wall mural collection—a visual journey from La Colombe D'or's artistic vibe to Eileen Ray's brutalist summerhouse, with a pitstop at Hotel Amour in Nice. We proudly present our next collection in collaboration with the talented Swedish designer, Karolina Kling - “Faded Memories”


Southern France, a region synonymous with fine art, captivating architecture, and an intrinsic affinity with nature. These are the threads that weave together to form the tapestry of our latest artistic wall mural collection. “Faded Memories” takes you on a narrative voyage capturing quintessential moments of love and the luxurious lethargy of a summer in foreign lands. Drawing inspiration from the juxtaposition of traditional architecture with bold artistic expression, this collection invites you to live out your very own art house film.

The essence of this wall mural collection was sculpted from the artists' well-worn palettes of acrylic and watercolor, meticulously hand-painted to bring each design to life. These are more than just murals; they are stories of human connection and the enduring beauty of our surroundings.

About the collection

Delving deeper into the heart of the wall mural collection allows us to explore the colors and materials that give each design its unique soul. The foundation of these wall murals rests on warm and earthy tones like rust red and warm beige, hues that have historically been favored by artists of Southern France, inspired by their sun-drenched landscapes. These foundational colors are lifted to new heights with harmonious accents of muted yellow, which brings to mind the golden sunsets of the French Riviera, deep blue reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea, and a touch of luxurious burgundy. Together, they form an elegant yet vibrant tableau that captures both the historical richness and natural beauty of Southern France.

The techniques used in these murals are both a contemporary choice and a nod to traditional artistic methods that have evolved over centuries. Layers of acrylic and watercolor are meticulously applied by hand, evoking the art movements that defined France in the 19th and 20th centuries, from the soft touches of Impressionism to the bold colors of Fauvism. The result is an artistic wall mural collection of graphic shapes and silhouettes that engage in an elegant dance across each canvas.

Consider the collection's minimalist design, “Floating Bodies”, with its sketchy line work that echoes the modernist drawings that gained popularity in the 1950s. Contrast that with the more intricate details found in "On the Beach," a design that pays homage to the rich history of European landscape and figure painting. Each of these designs contributes its own unique verse to a poetic narrative that speaks of artistic evolution, regional beauty, and the harmonious blend of the old and the new.

In this way, the wall mural collection is more than just decoration for your space; it transforms your walls into a living lesson in art history, told through colors and forms. Each mural whispers secrets from different eras, sharing stories that have traveled through time and space to find a home on your walls.

Interior tips and suggestions

Translating this artistic reverie onto the walls of your own space becomes an enthralling experience. Whether your home whispers of mid-century furniture or shouts with modern accents, these murals possess the versatility to elevate any setting.

For the vintage lovers among you, imagine pairing these evocative wall murals with antique pieces to cast a spotlight on their historical nuances. The artful interplay of old and new generates an undeniable tension, creating a space that captivates and intrigues. But if minimalism is more your speed, opt for one of the collection's subdued designs and let your sleek, modern furniture act as the ensemble cast; here, the wall mural becomes both canvas and conversation starter.

Those who admire the grandeur of classic architecture will find solace in this wall mural collection. The earthy palette resonates well with elaborate crown moldings, wainscoting, or even a finely crafted antique chandelier. The wall mural then becomes an artistic echo of architectural elegance, weaving together the room's various elements into a harmonious aesthetic.

Finally, for those who prefer an eclectic ensemble, fear not. These murals have the power to serve as a harmonizing backdrop for a
diverse tableau of design elements from various eras. Your unique blend of styles creates a personalized aesthetic that's undeniably yours.

Remember, you're not merely decorating a room; you're curating an experience. With our latest wall mural collection, you're invited to direct your own aesthetic journey, to embrace the dramatic interplay of history and modernity. Reimagine your space as a life's backdrop, where even the walls have stories to tell and each room holds the promise of a life well-lived and stories well-told.

Whether you're a homeowner seeking to redefine your living space or an interior designer scouring for your next inspirational showstopper, “Faded Memories” doesn't merely offer wall murals—it promises masterpieces. So why not grab your passport and embark on this artistic journey? With these murals, even your walls will have compelling stories to share.