beige artistic wall mural on the walls of this dining room. ceramic floor with a mediterranean pattern on the floor. Wooden table and black plastic chairs

Faded Memories - belarteSTUDIO x Karolina Kling

7 products

7 products

In collaboration with BelarteSTUDIO, Karolina Kling is presenting her first wallpaper collection Faded Memories. Inspired by the coastline of France and the rich selection of Art, architecture and nature, she has created three designs suitable both for home and public environments. Come with us on a trip from La Colombe Dór artistic environment to Eileen Rays brutal summerhouse, with a stop at Hotel Amour and its pink bedrooms in Nice. These designs shows stories of Love, friendship, relaxing at the beach and spending the summer at a foreign place. All designs are painted by hand in acrylic or water color and are available in various color combinations.

Inspiration and Travels

The love for traveling have been the foundation for this new collection, visiting new placed is always a good starting point for whatever projects we are working on. During Karolinas travels in southern of Europe, specifically by the french coast, she explores architecture and art. Both the ones found within ancient chateaus or buildings but also from more contemporary sources. With her own significant artistic expression the Idea of large scale wall murals came to life.

About the designs 

The designs have been created within the same process that Karolina normally works with, by hand. With layers of acrylic paint on a canvas the created graphic shapes and silhouettes of people. All combined into a harmony of colors. To incorporate human beings in her work is one of her key elements. the designs are all seen as artistic but are still all different. From the more minimalist floating bodies with its sketchy linework to the more detailed painting that we call ”On the Beach” The colors used in the collection has a base in earthy, warm tones as. Rust red & warm beige. Together with a muted yellow, deep blue and burgundy this collection gives a colorful expression but with a elegant and earthy undertone.

How to style the wall murals

Mix of old & new. We love to combine these artistic wall murals with interiors full of both modern interior details and vintage or antique pieces. There is something about the tension that appear with all these interior pieces from different eras.

Our exclusive collaboration BelarteSTUDIO x Karolina Kling comes in three designs

On the Beach

A big scale motif with a bold use of color and organic shapes and silhouettes of humans. The design is developed through layers of paint combined with the illusion of rough surfaces. Like the ones you can find in the architecture of southern Europe. This is what gives the wall mural its timeless feel. This artistic wall mural is perfect to set the tone of your interior and suits dining rooms all the way to restaurants. It's the perfect combination of artistic, modern and historic. The On the Beach wall mural comes in two colorways

Floating Bodies

Floating bodies evokes feelings of freedom and a sense of airiness through an elevated sense of artistry and uniqueness with its big scale. The design is developed through painted lines with a wide brush which creates a stunning sketchy feeling. With inspiration from the colorful Chateaus on the airy coastline of Provence, this hand-painted wall mural features body shapes in a balanced rhythm. This artistic wall mural is the most minimalistic design in the collection and can be used in both a more neutral interior as well as in a bold and colorful one. Transform your living room, bedroom or powder room with this versatile design. Floating bodies comes in three colorways. - Rust Red, Dark Blue and Warm Beige.

Distant Love 

Distant Love is a story about love and friendship and reminds us of what is important in life.  The design is painted by hand with layers of acrylic that gives it depth in its colors. With inspiration from the mediterranean way of life and a touch of geometry, this wall mural captures the attention of the room. Create a personal interior with this artistic wall mural, suitable for both walls or the ceiling. The illusion of a discrete canvas texture gives this design it´s modern look and makes it look like a big painting on your wall. Distant Love wall mural comes in Yellow and Blue