The story behind - Nostalgic Tradition

As the world of interior design continues to evolve, the beauty of blending old and new elements has reached new heights. This delightful fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern farmhouse aesthetics results in a colorful and joyful interior that celebrates the past while embracing the present.


In the Nostalgic Tradition collection, we immerse ourselves in the artistic process behind each design and draw inspiration from traditional motifs. We explore how different patterns work together to create a harmonious whole, capturing the nostalgic feeling that celebrates timeless style.

We revisit the artistic craftsmanship often associated with previous generations when creating the patterns in the collection. By drawing inspiration from traditional motifs and techniques, we create a design that carries a deeper meaning and connects the past with the present. The different patterns in the Nostalgic Tradition collection are carefully selected to complement each other and create a coherent narrative.

By celebrating the timeless style of cottage core, we aim to create not only a visual aesthetic but also an emotional connection to the past. Nostalgic Tradition thus becomes not just a collection of patterns but a journey through time and memories, with each design carrying the history and love of artistry.



This collection takes you through a visual journey with everything from vibrant landscapes, flowers, to stripes and checks. Flowers, a forever design favorite, bring a touch of nature indoors, creating environments that are both inviting and refreshing. Taking the concept of biophilia into a more colorful sphere. The floral designs are presented in two different versions, harmonizing perfectly when combined and hung from the ceiling. The carefully crafted patterns capture nature's essence, bringing its beauty into the room.


Incorporating stripes and checks into the collection creates a sense of order and familiarity. These design elements provide a subtle but powerful expression that reflects the timeless charm of traditional design but also acts as a modern feature. Stripes and squares have long been fundamental to the art of creating visual balance and structure, and their presence in the collection creates an aesthetically pleasing and classic impression.

The versatility of the collection allows you to create an environment that reflects your unique style and personality. Whether you want to create a cozy living room, a vibrant kitchen, or a tranquil bedroom, these murals integrate seamlessly into any space.

Nostalgic Tradition offers more than just wallpaper. It invites you to fill your space with timeless charm, colorful joy, and the elegance of traditional designs. As you explore this collection, imagine your home being transformed into a haven where tradition and modernity coexist in perfect harmony.

Our latest collection is a modern interpretation of grandma's style. It takes the best elements from the past, infuses them with modern flair, and creates spaces that feel both nostalgic and refreshing. The craftsmanship, the traditional motifs, the colorful decor, and the perfect mix of patterns all contribute to an aesthetic that celebrates the beauty of mixing old and new, ensuring that the legacy of our memories lives on in a vibrant and changing form.


The fearless combination of different patterns creates a visual feast that stimulates the senses. The balance of patterns results in an interior that exudes character and personality, capturing the essence of a carefully decorated and inhabited space.

By artfully mixing different motifs, creativity and experimentation are encouraged, opening the door to creating unique and visually engaging spaces. The balance between delicate floral patterns, structured stripes, and squares creates a dynamic contrast, with each room becoming a living canvas where tradition and modernity merge. The central key is to find a harmonious balance between different patterns to create an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive whole.

This opens up possibilities for experimentation, allowing you to play with compositions and patterns that reflect your personality. These elements are perfect for those who crave a touch of the unusual and want to incorporate their surroundings with individuality. To enhance this unique aesthetic, consider combining your patterned wallpaper with equally expressive patterns in furniture and textiles. Mixing and matching patterns across different elements in your space can create a cohesive and visually intriguing design. Whether it's coordinating colors or experimenting with various patterns, integrating your wallpaper seamlessly with patterned furniture and textiles adds an extra layer of depth to your personal style.



Furthermore, we break boundaries by extending the scale of design to sloping ceilings, creating 360° patterns for a truly immersive experience. This bold endeavor not only elevates the visual journey but also encapsulates occupants in a captivating environment that goes beyond the conventional, pushing the limits of immersive aesthetics. It's an adventurous approach that transforms spaces into dynamic realms where every angle is a canvas waiting to be explored.



Each brushstroke tells the story of a generation, and each room becomes a living canvas where the past embraces the present. The result is an atmosphere of style and sophistication that both honors the past while leaving room for a modern interpretation. The goal is to create timeless wallpapers that will please and inspire over time.