Patterns on Patterns

Whether you live in a burst of bold colors or in a minimalist haven, patterns have a place in every home! In today's fast-paced world, where personalization is the buzzword, the role of patterns in interior design cannot be overstated. They not only reflect our individuality, but also set the stage for emotional connections with our living spaces.

The concept of mixing and matching patterns is making a return in interior design, creating a vibrant and interesting living space. The idea of pairing various patterns opens up a world of possibilities and it encourages us to layer patterns, blend colors and experiment with different textures. Pattern mixing is also celebrated for its ability to infuse warmth, personality and character in our homes.

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Each room in our homes has its own purpose and thus also its own mood. In the living room, we gather for social interactions, in the bedroom, we seek tranquility, and in the hallway we want to give a warm welcome. One effective way to embrace and affect the energy in your rooms is through the thoughtful use of wall murals. Wall murals offer a way to set the tone and create a narrative within your home.

For example, in the living room, as the social hub, we can put up vibrant and lively wall murals that energizes the space and encourages conversation. Meanwhile, in the bedroom, which is our personal sanctuary, we may benefit from soft, soothing patterns that promote relaxation and serenity. It's important to remember that different wallpapers work for different people, and it's about finding the one that suits your unique style and taste.

Wall murals, however, offer more than just aesthetics; they can be an artistic statement. This concept invites you to select wall murals that not only harmonize with your chosen theme, but also evoke emotions. Be it a vintage-inspired design that brings nostalgia or a contemporary graphic wall mural that resonates with your modern sensibilities, your walls can be a canvas for artistic expression.

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Match with other patterns

Experimenting with patterns in interior design is an exciting opportunity to blend different styles, materials, and eras to create a unique and intriguing atmosphere. Mixing and matching patterns can be compared to composing a beautiful symphony. It involves selecting patterns that complement each other to craft a harmonious and lively space. For example, you can coordinate a floral wallpaper with a checkered floor or blend various colors and patterns in your decor to infuse character and charm into your home. Another great tip for creating a cohesive look in your home is to choose wallpapers that exist within the same aesthetic realm.

By combining patterns of different scales, an intriguing dynamic is generated, ranging from straight lines to organic forms. This is achieved by selecting patterns with different levels of details. This can be applied to everything from small interior details like lamps and cushions, to larger elements such as rugs and wallpapers. When planning your rooms, consider them as interconnected spaces where the decor complements each other. Think about how the rooms harmonize when seen through open doorways and how the transition from one room to another is experienced. Additionally, wallpapers can be used to establish clarity and define distinct areas within the home.

When it comes to being creative and expanding your horizons, don't forget to look up. Ceilings, often overlooked, offer a unique opportunity to create a "wow factor." Adding wall mural to your ceiling can introduce an extra layer of visual interest, making the room feel more expansive and drawing the eye upward. This design choice can significantly impact the ambiance and aesthetics of your space, serving as an eye-catching feature that captivate attention.

Muted tones

While the concept of "patterns on patterns" may sound bold, you can opt for muted colors instead, achieving a subtle impression. Wall murals with tone-in-tone designs create a calm, understated appearance without compromising on patterns or motifs.

When placing wall murals in adjacent rooms, they form a seamless connection between the spaces. The calm link created by these muted tones bridges the gap between rooms, resulting in a flowing and harmonious home design. This approach maintains a sense of coherence while still allowing for individual room identities.

In conclusion, mixing and matching patterns is an artful approach that brings a personal touch to your home. Whether you want a bold and vibrant color palette or a more neutral and minimalistic approach, patterns can be the exclamation point that elevates your home and creates a lasting impression on anyone who enters it.


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