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Colorful Landscape wall mural with animal on the walls of this kids room. Bed with offwhite throw and two pillows, one in brown and one in blue with white dots.
Close up picture of our design Imaginary landscape. An enchanting wall mural inspired by our beloved Botanical Landscape. This new interpretation includes various animals. Each animal is hand-painted. The background color is light beige with a red and blue tree, two birds one in red and one in blue. There is also green grass and flowers.
Kids room with a steel bed, a striped mattress and two cute pillows in blue and white. Beside the bed there is a brown cabinet with a kids book on. There is also a mini chair with a stuffed animal in it. On the wall is of course our design Imaginary landscape which has trees, flowers and cute animals in it. The trees, flowers and birds are in red and blue, and then there is green grass and some brown details.
This kids room has our design Imaginary Landscape wall mural on the walls.  A beautiful wall mural with big red and blue trees, animals such as birds and a tiger. There is also flowers in red, blue and yellow, and green grass. The furniture in the room is a wooden kids bed, a pink duffelbag and a pink cabinet. On the cabinet is some toys, boxes and a white Flower pot lamp.  Colorful pennants are hanging in the ceiling, with white, burgundy, yellow and light pink colors.
In this room there is a bench with an integrated drawing board and two chairs for small children to sit on while drawing. On the bench is a thin blue mattress to sit on, and yellow and pink pillows to lean against. On the wall is our Imaginary Landscape wall mural which includes a beautiful landscape, and hand painted trees, flowers and animals. The colors are red, blue, yellow, green and brown.

Imaginary Landscape Multi Color

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Discover our Imaginary Landscape, an enchanting wall mural that takes you on a journey through a fairy-tale world where imagination knows no bounds. Inspired by the beloved Botanical Landscape, this new interpretation takes you on another adventure by including various animals that enhance the playful atmosphere. Each animal is hand-painted and contributes to creating a magical scene that brings the imagination to life. Imaginary Landscape transforms your room into a visual celebration, where colorful motifs meet classic patterns.

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        • FSC certified non woven wallpaper 147g with matt finish
        • Use glue/adhesive for non woven wallpaper
        • Fire class: US Class A ASTM E84, Europe: C-S1-d0 (EN 13501)