How to measure

Measure & Order

Visualize with our AR app

See this video how to visualize with our AR app.

Yes, just choose your product and add sample to cart. All our samples is printed on our high quality non woven wallpaper. See our guide.

All our products is adjustable so that you can order as many m2/Sq Ft you need to cover your wall. If you need bigger size then 1500 cm X 500 cm ( 590' x 197') please just contact us at:

Measure the height and width of your wall. If you have more than one wall - ad the total width and height. Choose a wallpaper - press "Customize & Buy".

Put in your measurements and adjust how you want your wallpaper. Ad minimum 10 cm (3 inches) on your measurements.

Minimum order size is 4 m2 (43 Sq Ft)

See more here

Minimum order size is 4 m2 (43 Sq Ft)

All our wallpaper is produced in 45 cm (17 3/4 inches) wide lengths. The lengths is numbered in order from left to right so its easy to put it up in the right order.

Prepare & Install

If you have old wallpaper - remove all joints and make sure you have an even and smooth surface. If you plan to install a darker wallpaper - we recommend you to first paint with a darker color.

Note that you don't remove wallpaper - it's easier to paint over or just remove the joints so that the surface is even and ready for a new wallpaper.

Make sure that the wall is even and smooth see instructions here.

See short video here.

Very important that you use a slightly wet sponge to remove all adhesive/glue on the wallpaper directly after you installed it.

We do not recommend you to put up our wallpaper in a shower or a space with very high humidity.

If it is a bigger bathroom not in direct contact with water where the humidity is more normal it works fine.

No, our products is for indoor use only.

You should use adhesive/glue for non-woven wallpaper.

Product information

We use FSC marked non woven wallpaper with a very matt finish which gives a luxury touch and feel.

All our wallpaper are washable which means it has high durability. Use a lightly wet sponge to remove stains or dirt from the wall.

Europe: C-S1-d0 (EN 13501), US Class A ASTM E84

Delivery information

Yes, we have free shipping all over the world.

For some countries there is additional import, tax or handling fees according to national regulations. This is paid directly to UPS before delivery.

We ship your order 1-3 days after you placed the order.

Yes, we send you a tracking number to your mail.

For Canada an additional 5% GST and 6.5% import duty is payable to UPS upon delivery.

When exporting to Norway our prices is excl. VAT. VAT and handling cost will be paid directly to UPS before delivery.

When exporting to United Kingdom the price excludes VAT. The VAT will be charged separately by UPS upon delivery. Handling costs by UPS may also be added.

Returns and exchanges

If you have any problems with your product - please contact us:

All our products are customized and for that reason we dont take any returns. Vi will help you and can offer a new product, if you contact us within 30 days.