Design Philosophy

At belarteSTUDIO design is the essence of everything we do. We believe we can find new expressions by combining perspectives. Therefore we are influenced by everything from interior and architecture to art and fashion.  

A new Collection can start from the love for a specific piece of furniture, a color combination or a structure found in nature.

An important part of our design practice is old meets new. To combine new influences with vintage and learn and be inspired by the pattern treasures and design icons of the past. We love taking a look down memory lane but we are also always on the front seeking for emerging talent.

We believe that just like any other design piece, our wall murals are a commitment, and we want you to find just the right one for your space. Therefore we continuously create curated collections for our on demand production.

Our collections are ever changing, just like the world around us. And the beauty of it all is that our business model lets us create unique designs for our customers without contributing to mass-production.

We also work directly with interior designers and architects all over the world. We create custom made designs for public spaces, restaurants, offices, personal spaces and all the spaces in between. We can come in early in a project and do research and mood boards or create designs from a finished inspiration from someone else.

We truly believe in creating unique spacial experiences.