At belarteSTUDIO, we integrate sustainability across all departments; it's a vital part of who we are. Imprinted in the very essence of our ethos, sustainability is our competitive edge, our DNA. Every team member, from designers to artisans, embodies this philosophy, ensuring that every step we take, is one towards a greener future.

Our journey towards zero impact is a conscious and continuous quest. We're not just setting long-term goals; we're doing our very best to make sustainability a daily practice. It's about the choices we make, the materials we select, and the processes we follow. Our holistic approach encompasses environmental, social, and economic facets, striving for harmony and prosperity for both present and future generations to come.






Design and production: A symphony of sustainability

At belarteSTUDIO, we believe design intertwines aesthetics with ethics. In our journey, we are learning to blend luxury with eco-conscious practices and thoughtful consumption. Through rigorous quality checks and maintaining high standards, we aim to ensure our wall murals not only enhance spaces but do so with a mindful respect for our planet. It's an ongoing process of improvement and learning, as we strive to balance beauty with environmental care.

Innovative production: Tailored, not mass-produced

Our made-to-order production model is our approach to consciously step away from mass-production. By crafting our products based on specific demands, we eliminate overproduction, aligning seamlessly with more sustainable practices.



Think globally, act locally

In the heart of Borås, Sweden, lies the core of our creativity – our very own production facility. This is where our investment in cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment comes to life. Every stage of production, from the initial concept to the final assembly, is meticulously handled in-house. We take great pride in not just being creators but craftsmen, infusing each product with a touch of artisanal excellence. Our facility is more than just a production house; it's a space where the belarteSTUDIO family comes together, united by a shared passion and commitment to quality. It's here in our cozy corner of Sweden that the magic of belarteSTUDIO truly unfolds.

A transparent journey

At belarteSTUDIO, we view transparency as an essential aspect of our work. It's not just about sharing a list of suppliers; it's a continuous effort to embrace honesty, maintain integrity in our processes, and provide our customers with clear information to help them make informed decisions. In our Borås production facility, we strive to adhere to these principles. Each step in creating our wallpapers, from initial design to final product, is guided by our commitment to transparency. While we continually aim for excellence, we see every wallpaper as an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve in our journey of combining art with trust.



A sustainable value chain: From design to delivery

In our ongoing efforts at belarteSTUDIO, we are constantly working to integrate sustainable practices into every aspect of our operations, from the vibrant atmosphere of our Borås design studio to our collaborations with European suppliers. Our goal is to minimize transportation needs and optimize efficiency, contributing our part towards a more sustainable industry. In every phase, from the birth of an idea to the final touch on our products, we strive to uphold our commitment to more sustainability. We carefully collaborate with partners who align with our environmental values, striving to make our supply chain not just effective, but environmentally considerate as well. While we are on a continuous journey to reduce our ecological impact, we remain committed to delivering the quality that our customers have come to trust and love





In our selection of colors and materials, we consciously strive to exceed mere standard compliance. Adhering to the stringent REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations of the European Union, we carefully choose chemicals and dyes that are gentle on the earth. This approach underlines our dedication to maintaining a harmonious balance between artistic expression and environmental care. We believe that true artistry not only captivates but also respects and harmonizes with the natural world.



Our approach to waste management is equally thoughtful. We aim to give our leftover materials a second life, often repurposing them in local kindergartens to spark creativity in young minds. What cannot be reused in this way, we collaborate with Borås Energy to transform into biofuel. This cycle of reuse is more than waste reduction; it represents our commitment to a holistic cycle of more sustainability, where every aspect of our production contributes positively to the environment.

In every facet of our products, from the choice of paper to the selection of pigments, we embed a deep commitment to sustainability. It’s a philosophy that guides not just what we create, but also how and why we create – a testament to our belief that great art should not only captivate the eye but also honor the earth it originates from.



At belarteSTUDIO, we are guided by the hope of a future powered by green energy. While we are dreamers at heart, we also take pragmatic steps today. Our efforts are focused on reducing the environmental impact of our transportation needs. By collaborating with eco-conscious initiatives and supporting projects, we aim to offset the emissions generated from the transport of our materials and finished products. This is our way of contributing to the development of more sustainable transportation methods. We acknowledge that while we strive to minimize our impact, there's always more to learn and improve. Our commitment is to responsibly create art that not only beautifies spaces but also respects the world that gives us inspiration.



Breathing life back into nature

At belarteSTUDIO, the essence of nature intertwines with our creative process. Our wall murals, born from the bounty of forests, inspire us to reciprocate nature's gifts. In a heartfelt collaboration with EcoTrees, we've embarked on an enriching journey in the Old Gravel Forest in Nysum, nestled between Aalborg and Hobro in Denmark's picturesque Northern Jutland. Here, we are contributing to planting trees that, over the following decades, will grow into a mixed-species forest, benefiting the local ecosystem. The trees will be planted in an old gravel pit with spectacular slopes, providing an ideal canvas for cultivating a captivating and diverse forest with varying elevations. Our plan is to plant trees equivalent to minimum double the CO2 emission our business creates.

Each tree we plant in the forest is a testament to our commitment and contribution to reforestation and preserving biodiversity. The tree's roots run deep, purifying and filtering the air, shielding the adjacent wetlands, and nurturing a mosaic of local ecosystems. These guardians of the earth play a pivotal role in water purification, trapping pollutants, mitigating flood risks, and bolstering carbon storage, thus weaving a tapestry of ecological resilience.

For us at belarteSTUDIO, this initiative is more than an investment; it's a cornerstone of our mission. While we ardently work to reduce our footprint, our dedication to reforestation remains unwavering. We see each tree as a step towards a greener tomorrow, symbolizing our unrelenting commitment to nurturing the planet that fuels our artistic inspiration.



Embracing precision: Our path to zero waste in on-demand production

In our commitment to more sustainability and efficiency at belarteSTUDIO, we have adopted an on-demand production model that inherently results in zero returns. This approach is a reflection of our dedication to precision and meeting customer needs precisely from the outset. By only printing what is required, we not only cater to specific customer desires but also significantly reduce our environmental impact. This method exemplifies our ongoing efforts to combine responsibility with customer satisfaction, continually striving to align our practices with both ecological and client-centric values.

In our journey of sustainable artistry, we see our creations not just as wall murals but as steps towards a more mindful future. We invite you to join us in this endeavor, where each decision is made with careful consideration for a more sustainable future. At belarteSTUDIO, our commitment to more sustainability is deep-rooted in our operations, imprinted in every design we bring to life.