belarteSTUDIO x Grå Gåsen

The maximalism world has no limits to its diversity of patterns. From geometric shapes to floral prints and bold graphic patterns, there are no limits to what you can achieve with patterns in the world of maximalism. Mix and match different patterns to create an eclectic and vibrant atmosphere that grabs attention and sparks curiosity. Covering the walls with wall murals plays a crucial role in this context of patterns and colors.

We had the opportunity to work with the prominent Swedish interior designer Lena Nyholm in the exciting transformation project of the entire boutique hotel Grå Gåsen. With her impressive creativity and ability to create atmospheres that touch and inspire, Lena Nyholm has chosen our wall murals as a central part of this project, with the aim of creating a maximalist and eclectic experience for the guests of the hotel. We interviewed Lena to let her share her thoughts on the project and give some of her top tips.


Can you describe your vision behind the maximalist and eclectic design of the hotel? 

For me, interior design is more than just placing furniture and decor in a room. It's about creating a complete experience for visitors. These are the experiences that we remember and I strongly believe in the power of memorable experiences, because these are the moments that we carry with us and that enrich our lives.

A room should give a wow feeling, but at the same time be pleasant and inviting. When you enter the room, I want you to feel an immediate sense of wonder and a desire to stay and come back. For me, it is natural that a hotel should be maximalist and eclectic, because it is inviting, inclusive and inspiring. Everyone gets a chance to feel at home and no one is left untouched. 

How do you balance different styles and elements to create a cohesive experience for guests? What are your best tips? 

To create a unique and exciting atmosphere, it is important to take risks and try new ideas. Don't be afraid to mix different styles, patterns and textures to create an eclectic and vibrant atmosphere. Be bold and take risks. Try things and don't hold back. Sometimes the best way is to listen to your intuition and forget all the boring rules and myths that say a room should be plain and uniform.  There are no set rules when it comes to interior design, so forget any preconceived expectations of what a room "should" look like. Allow yourself to push the boundaries and create something that is unique and personal. We humans need to play more, be more of who we are, and the rooms we are in can help us get there, or hold us back.

What role has the wall murals played in creating the maximalist and eclectic atmosphere at Grå Gåsen?

The wall murals have been the foundation of the interiors in creating the maximalist and eclectic atmosphere in the different rooms of Grå Gåsen. For me, the wall murals have had different personalities that I have tried to listen to in order to understand their needs and what they need to really shine and become even more amazing. At Grå Gåsen, I have used wall murals to create an atmosphere that is both exciting and inviting. By mixing different styles and patterns, I have created an environment where each room with its unique personality tells its own story and encourages exploration. The wall murals have been a central part of this work and have helped to create an atmosphere where no one is left untouched. Each wall mural contributes to the overall design in its own way.

Can you share some of your favorite wall murals that you have used in the hotel and why you chose them?

I love them all! I actually have my own little love affair with all of them, I think about the rooms, look at pictures of them and get happy in my soul and feel a longing to go back to the rooms.

 How do you consider patterns, colors and textures when selecting wall murals and decor for the different rooms in the hotel?

My goal is to always challenge the unexpected and look for furniture, textiles, lighting and other items that enhance each other through contrasts and differences. I always look for the unexpected and want to challenge conventional ideas of how a room should look. The soft needs something tight, the feminine and the masculine, the scratched and the new. By mixing different styles, eras, patterns, textures, and emotions, you create personalized rooms that become an experience. I see the wall murals becoming an important part of the room's story and that guests will remember them long after they leave the hotel.

How do you think the wall murals and decor at Grå Gåsen contribute to the overall experience and impression of the hotel's design?

Without the wall murals, the overall experience would not have been as incredibly large and amazing as it has been. The walls make up about 60% of a room, so of course it is extremely important to make sure that the walls get the feeling that you want to create. At Grå Gåsen, I wanted to create a real wow experience. My vision is to help smaller hotels become exciting destinations, because I personally would like to travel more in Sweden but miss lovely hotels to stay in. By creating places that inspire and amaze guests, you not only help them create memories, but also the hotel owners to achieve their dreams and the resort to flourish as a tourist destination. In the end, the planet also benefits because we no longer have to travel so far away to experience something great.