Styled By Hanna MW

We have teamed up with the Scandinavian fashion personality Hanna MW. She has virtually styled her beautiful and very personal home with some of the most iconic designs of BelarteSTUDIO. Read more to hear about her choices of wall murals, how she found the courage to start using a lot of colors and how she maximizes the interior and the potential of her home.


Hi Hanna, What have you been up to lately?

Right now I am working on my last styling job for this season. I have a big project coming up next week with a world famous Swedish singer. This takes a lot of time in preparation, creating mood boards and making research. I also do social media campaigns and create content for my own channels.

For me it has always been important to be driven by passion and I try only to accept work that really gives me energy and makes it possible to have a good balance in life. This gives me the possibility to spend quality time with my family and friends.

What are your best tips to create a personal interior?

I have always tried to keep my old things and mix them with new. Most often you just need to ad something small or colorful to change the entire ambiance of a room. If I get tired of a table I ad a new table cloth to change the look - this is also important for me from a sustainable point of view.

When I am traveling I always try to visit museums. From their shops I found a lot of the art I have in my home. For me the most important thing is to create and try to evolve my personal style. By experimenting and daring to try new bold things you learn your style. For me that is often with bold colors or mixing a more minimalistic look with stronger accent colors. Color creates energy and the challenge is to find a good balance.


How did you think when choosing wall mural?

I wanted to elevate the existing interior. Therefore I choose a palette that would work well together with the existing interior and my personal style. Even if I love color I always have harmony and balance in mind. Adding wallpaper to the ceiling is fun and a great way to create further expression and depth to your home.

How does your work as a stylist affect your way of decorating you home?

For me it is important to create my personal style and I love to mix fashion and interior. When you visit me and Jimmy we want you to see and feel our personalities in our home. It should feel authentic - both when I style fashion and interior. Combining colorful pieces with more strict and minimalistic looks is something I do in my home as well as when i style fashion.


What gives you the most inspiration?

I get the most inspiration from my travels around the world. I remember when I was with Jimmy in Rome for the first time. I saw this amazing sugar box in baby pink with a wave in bright blue and text in red. This is still one of my favorite color combinations. I also look at people wherever I go and that often gives me inspiration to use in my work.

I also find inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anyone famous just someone who has a unique style. I have always loved old Italian fashion and but when I am on Pinterest I always end up pinning all the fashionistas from the 90s, like Jane Birkin.

What are your thoughts and dreams of the future?

I hope to continue my career as a stylist and content creator - my work is my passion and I am confident in what I do.
I prioritize to work hard and see where that gets me. I hope in the future that like now I am able only to say yes to jobs that gives me energy and inspires me.

Me and Jimmy also have a dream to have a summer house in the country side, in my head it's a Swedish idyll like the house of Pippi Longstocking.


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