Styled by Rebecca Goddard

Styled by Rebecca Goddard

My name is Rebecca Goddard and I am a Munich-based designer, interior stylist, visual editor, blogger, photographer, influencer, and brand owner — one of those creative multi-hyphenates who thrives in working across a multitude of topics. I moved to Germany in 2017 with my then-boyfriend, now-husband and ever since that time I’ve worked independently in just about every industry design touches. Before that, I worked as a product development engineer and designer for a furniture company, and I have degrees in both industrial design and marketing.

What have you been up to lately?

Lately, I’ve been spending a tremendous amount of time at home trying to avoid this pandemic! My husband and I relocated from Berlin to Munich a few months ago, so I’ve also been putting a lot of energy into settling into our new flat. Apart from that, it’s just been work as normal and this keeps me quite busy.

What gives you the most inspiration?

In general, I’m a very curious person and I find that inspiration come from an openness for exploration. I love learning about the process of how things are made or the history of something unfamiliar. Whenever I meet someone who works in any sort of creative or crafty field, I always have a million questions about the ins-and-outs of their work. Hearing how others thinks and do is endlessly inspiring to me — as well as their stories and take on life. So staying curious is my favorite pathway to finding inspiration, and when I feel like I’ve hit a creative lull, I normally just look around and try to learn something new.

How did you think when choosing wall murals and designs in this collection?

Collaborating with Belarte’s designers to create this collection has been an incredibly fun experience. Personally, wallpaper has always carried a bit of nostalgia with it and so I wanted to think about patterns that felt classic and romantic, but with a minimal twist. Gauzy textiles, elegant florals, soft earthy structure — these were some of the ideas we first played with to springboard the design direction. And of course looking at the colors, contrast, and saturation was hugely important to me as well.

By scaling these back, the patterns have gently come alive while still remaining understand and contemporary. I think the outcome is something really special, and it has options for people who might not have ever considered using wallpaper before.

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What are your best tips to create a personal interior?

Have less things, but stay true to what you love. I’m very picky when it comes to the items I bring into our home and honestly prefer living with less, but our home still feels very personal because almost everything has some form of emotional connection or deep appreciation for the function it gives. What matters most to me is feeling calm and relaxed in this space. For me, that feeling comes from living in a very reduced interior. I’m more interested in creating a space that soothes the senses and supports my emotional needs than keeping up with design trends.

How does your work as a stylist/designer affect your way of decorating you home?

Because I work from home and use the space as a styling playground to create content for my own brand and other interiors companies alike, there’s a tremendous amount of overlap happening between the way I work and the way I decorate. But I’m very selective when it comes to the clients I create imagery for and only ever take on projects when the subject is true to my authentic taste and aesthetics. I do love how my work constantly pushes me to get creative in the space we’re I live and see the environment from new angles. My projects have me constantly restyling and moving things around, so our home always seems to have a fresh energy. No piece of decor stays in the same place for very long and I rarely feel bored since change is ever going. It’s a very fluid way to decorate.

What are your thoughts and dreams of the future?

Right now my biggest dream is to grow my interiors label, By Rebecca Goddard. I recently launch the brand towards the end
of 2021 and the response has been wonderful. But of course I also have a long list of other ambitions I’d love to pursue.

My husband and I keep playing with the idea of buying a vacation home in Italy for example — a fixer-upper home that we could restore into a design-focused holiday rental but also use ourself and share with family and friends. I would love to design truly wonderful destination places that are a joy for other people to experience, and have that as a side-business one day.