Styled by - Lisbeth Beck

Styled by Lisbeth Beck

My name is Lisbeth Beck and I live in Denmark, just south of Aarhus. Here, me and my family built a house five years ago, where we still live today. I am very passionate about interior design, crafts and digital marketing and I have to say I feel very lucky to be self-employed, working with a mix of all three.

What have you been up to lately?

My husband and I just built a huge tv-furniture as an "IKEA-hack" and gave it a lovely orange/caramel color that adds a lot of warmth to our living room.

What gives you the most inspiration?

I love to explore interior design that has an element of surprise or is kinda “over the top” with lots of details and inspiring mixes of colors and patterns, modern and historic. My interior style is modern, colorful and somewhat minimal but I still feel drawn to maximalism where “more-is-more”.

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How did you think when choosing wall mural this collection?

I had a lot of fun choosing wallpaper from the Deco Decadence collection. The wallpapers completely transform our spaces and I think the scale of the patterns are a great match to our high ceiling walls. The art deco patterns also feel like quite a bold choice, that add a dramatic feel to our home.

What are your best tips to create a personal interior?

Experiment with colors. I particularly enjoy the effect of color blocking. That's when you mix colors opposites on the color wheel to make interesting and complementary color combinations. I also enjoy playing around with textiles and patterns, it’s an easy thing to add if you want to freshen up your home. Last, but absolutely not least, go on a treasure hunts. It’s a really fun way to find that perfect second-hand furniture you can up-cycle and add a personal touch to.

How does your work as a designer affect your way of decorating your home?

Often I use our home as a studio for stylings and creative work so we move stuff around ALL the time and it feels like we are always “in process”. I like to keep our home “easy to tidy up” and not too cluttered, as I work from home a lot and a tidy home just frees up mental space!

When it comes to decorating we experiment a lot and buy most stuff second hand. From my work (and spending way too many hours on Instagram), I discover a lot of small brands and my guilty pleasure is definitely buying handmade interior design like pillows, ceramics and glass.

What are your thoughts and dreams of the future?

I hope we’ll continue to see pre-owned and vintage interior on the rise. Decorating with second hand items is planet-friendly but also so much more fun as you get to go on the hunt for those perfect pieces that will add personality and hints of lives already lived to your home.

You can follow my journey on @lisbethbeckmortensen on Instagram.