How to wallpaper in different ways

Transform your space with creativity. Dive into the world of wallpapering with our enchanting styles guide. Wallpapering is not just about decoration – it is an art form that adds character and personality to your home. Explore different styles to embrace entire rooms or create dramatic focal points with accent walls. Let's make your wallpapering journey a voyage of creativity and perfection.

Wallpaper an entire room 

Cover all four walls with the same pattern to create a uniform feel and change the whole atmosphere of the room. This method is the one we prefer the most because of its ability to transform the whole room and the possibility to show the complete and full potential of the design. It is like the walls speak for themselves.

Accent walls

Choose a single wall and give it special treatment with a specific color scheme or unique wallpaper. This will create a focal point that captures the eye and can elevate the level of design and create an exciting dynamic in the room. Consider how the chosen wallpaper complements the overall decor but an accent wall works well in both every day and social spaces to elevate the room's design.

Enlarge your room

Use light and airy wallpaper to visually enlarge smaller spaces. Wallpapering both the accent wall and ceiling is a perfect technique for maximizing light and creating the illusion of a larger space. This draws the eye upwards and makes the ceiling appear higher because of the seamless flow of color and patterns throughout the room. 

Stretch & lower

A technique that involves wallpapering above an existing wall panel to enhance visual interest, balance, and height in a room. By creating a contrast between the wallpaper and panel, this method adds depth and sophistication to the space while maintaining harmony. It's an effective way to elevate the room's aesthetics and create a sense of spaciousness.

There are several ways to transform a room and through these different tips, we hope that you have been inspired and want to make your own interpretation to bring your desired feeling to a room. Sometimes just a change in the color or pattern of the wall mural can make a big difference and make the room feel cozier and warmer. By choosing more neutral colors, simple designs or nature-inspired patterns, the room can become a place of concentration and inspiration.

The choice of wall murals and the way you choose to wallpaper depends on what you want to achieve. It is important to listen to your own preferences and needs when choosing wall murals, and to choose something that suits your personal style and the purpose of the room. With the right choice of wall murals and creative thinking, you can transform a room into something truly unique and special.