Belarte Partner - Public Spaces


We see more and more wallpaper in public spaces and belarteSTUDIO welcomes the paradigm shift. Paint is fantastic but for us wallpaper has always been the most inspiring design element. It’s expressive and confident with the ability to lead the way throughout the whole decorating project.

BelarteSTUDIO think of wallpaper as art. Something that can and should arouse wonder, tell a story and be a wow factor in the room. Just like a beautiful sculpture or captivating painting, the right wallpaper can spark conversations and bring people together.

Desirable qualities in public spaces, like the library or the art gallery, where many different people meet. But also in the more exclusive rooms where visitors pay extra for a unique experience, an atmosphere and a feeling unlike anything else.


It may seem unconventional and cocky to equal wallpaper with art but our product is not a diva at all. On the contrary, this interior design element has the ability to connect things, achieve a sense of wholeness and accentuate the individual parts at the same time.

The entirety is the thing, something you achieve quite easily by activating the largest surface of the room, the walls, as early on in the process as possible. We see it as gift wrapping, just that our wrapping paper ends up on the inside of the package.

We even claim the ceiling, not to be greedy but to be generous. We love our product and to wallpaper the ceiling guarantees astonished faces, sparkling eyes and thereafter the visitors full attention on you and whatever you want to communicate.


Paper is our material and we find paper to be truly amazing. Why? Because through it we can convey all other materials that we also love; shimmering metal, compliant clay, neat wood paneling, undulating fabrics, solid marble...

Perhaps you are familiar with the situation of instinctively knowing that a certain material is the key to lift an interior to a higher level.  Check with us at belarteSTUDIO then. We have already made, or can create, a worthy homage to it. In our own material, eco-labeled paper of the highest quality with a luxurious matt finish.


Do you want to create your very own wallpaper design for a certain project? Add some detail to an existing product or adjust the colour in it so that it exactly matches your mood board? It is possible. We welcome you to our creative process.

However, you do not have to make your own drawings, just sit down next to one of our designers and tell us about your visions. No wishes are too great. No preferences is too quirky. Your needs and ideas help us break new ground when it comes to demonstrating the superior versatility of wallpaper. In large and small interior design projects.

Are you an interior designer and like what you see? Or maybe you creative mind is thinking of all the possibilities with wallpaper. Connect with us by requesting a trade account and don't forget to stay up to date, there will always be more soon.