Embrace the 70's

How to embrace the 70’s look.

The 1970s have long been lampooned for their more questionable choices, like plastic-covered furniture, traffic-cone orange palettes, and musty-dusty shag carpets. But the 2020s take is more restrained, more curated, cherry-picking 70’s-inspired highlights while ditching the dated aspects.

We are intrigued by the design icons from the 70’s that has a timeless classic look like the panton chair by Vitra or ägget by Bruno Mathsson. They claim their space and stand out with their sculptural silhouettes lika a piece of art. They are not only famous for their looks but also often for their comfort with soft and bulky shapes.

We want to take these beautiful iconic design pieces and incorporate them in a contemporary 70’s inspired setting. This period in design history is known for its use of both color and pattern but also it’s artistical focal point. The 70’s bold colors help’s bring life to a room.

Wall murals are the perfect tool of adding dynamic features to your walls but with a contemporary look. Use our designs as large-scale art on a focal wall. Giving the 70’s furniture the perfect contemporary backdrop.

Perhaps most predominant is the return of the earthy color schemes, biophilic accents such as leafy plants and mushroom-shaped lamps, and low-slung furniture (as seen above).

If you don’t feel like using wallpaper on one single wall we have many options that suits for several walls, for example irregular square with its wavy squares, adding both playfulness and elegance.

If you are more for the monocrome look use a specific accent color to match with your neutrals (seen above) or maybe go for a classic, black & white (seen below).

In our archive you will find a wide variety of designs from abstract and artistic to graphic or botanical. Whether you go for a monocrome look or accent color of full-on maximalist, we have a design for you.

There's something incredibly charming and uplifting about 70’s-era design styles. It's essential to make sure your 70’s vibes don't feel like Grandma's basement den. The best way to mix in retro style is to choose patterns that are vintage-inspired but with a modern take so they feel fresh.

If you’re looking to add some vintage flair to your newest project, these 70’s designs are a great place to start. They’re fun, funky, and full of personality. So why not step back in time and give them a try? A little nostalgia is never a bad thing.