Enjoy summer all year round with coastal wall murals




A minimalistic blend of clean lines and coastal influences

Summer is approaching swiftly, and the anticipation of fresh, salty breezes under the warm sunrays is about to become reality. Picture yourself strolling barefoot along the beach, feeling the gentle warmth emanating from the sand. Imagine the late, balmy evenings adorned with stunning colored sunsets, offering ample time for relaxation and tranquility. The allure of summer is effortlessly dreamt and visualized, so why not infuse some of that coastal ambiance into your home and enjoy it all year round? Transform your living space with a Scandifornian coastal style and bask in the perpetual summer vibes. You don't have to live by the beach to enjoy a coastal-style living. With simple elements such as a carefully selected wall mural design, this style can be achieved anywhere. We will guide you through the core elements to achieve a contemporary coastal style with Scandifornian influences.



The core elements to achieve a Scandifornian coastal style

A Scandifornian coastal style can be summarized with the words organic, light, and warm. With its characteristics of clean lines, natural materials, and textures, it creates a striking yet minimalist look with simple lines and an airy finish. By utilizing natural light through windows and maintaining a neutral interior base, this style is simple to achieve in any space. Incorporating personal details and carefully selected materials further enhances the ambiance. To ensure that your home still exudes a personal touch and warm appearance, consider adding a wall mural with a subtle pattern or color scheme that complements the coastal aesthetic. We offer a wide range of wall murals that will enhance your coastal style at home and ensure that any room becomes vibrant and balanced. This will prevent your home from feeling sterile or impersonal, even as you strive for a natural base. Despite the Scandifornian influences in coastal style giving off a contemporary feeling, it remains a timeless option. With its natural base, it's easy to update the look of your home with smaller changes.



Colors that creates the right atmosphere

As mentioned before, the key is to begin with a natural color palette. This means that wall colors, furniture, and textiles such as carpets and curtains should be in light, natural tones with subtle patterns. Think about sandy and warm beige tones, fresh hues of white or soft sky blue tones. Wall murals with a larger scaled pattern in softer shades are perfectly suited to achieve a coastal vibe. Let the scandifornain style flourish by adding one of our wooden wall murals or why not try a design with a subtle blue pattern like asian clouds or abstract sketch. To make your space more personal and scandifornian, details and accent colors will play an important role. Take inspiration from the shades of the ocean and sunsets to get the ephemeral coastal feeling. Work with deeper shades of turquoise and bridging tones of blue to bring some aquatic influences inside. Complemented those shades by accents in coral or orange for a more contemporary and eye-catching final result. Incorporate those accent shades in smaller details like art, decorative pillowcases, fresh flowers or lampshades to complement your wall mural design. 



Key materials that enhances the scandifornian coastal style 

In combination with the right color palette, the materials used in the interior are key factors to achieve the Scandifornian coastal style. In addition to the wooden materials that could be added by wall murals or furniture, bamboo is another material that will further enhance the style. Linen, woven or cotton, textiles can never be wrong when it comes to adding the final touches and complementing your wall murals, bringing the whole scandifornian style together. To achieve the coastal feeling, add a vase of straw or dried flowers to bring to mind the sea and its reeds.


Airy home with organic wooden wall murals

One simple way to achieve a more personal and warm feeling in your home is by replacing your plain walls with a wall mural of your choice. We have many designs that would fit perfectly in a coastal home and enhance the Scandifornian look even further. One wall mural design that will ensure the warm and natural feeling comes through in your home is our wooden wall murals. The design, Geometric Wood, is a perfect choice if you want to add a subtle touch of nature. For a more airy and gentle appearance, choose the White Washed Oak shade. And if you're looking for a bit more edge and contrast, try Mixed Oak. With this design, you will achieve a natural base that you can complement with personal touches and coastal-styled colors through interior details and decorations. This wall mural is the perfect choice if you want to create a background wall to add some color and texture to your home without being too bold.



Scandifornian coastal style in a wall mural 

If you are looking for a wall mural that will set the style on its own and can never go wrong when wanting to achieve a Scandifornian vibe, Palm Tree Small in the color Vintage Blue is designed for you. With this wall mural in blue tones and organic, hand-painted palm trees, the coastal style will be created effortlessly. Just add some textiles in natural colors and a few wooden details, and your Scandifornian coastal home is perfectly done. Now, just sit back and enjoy a warm atmosphere and serene environment.



Wall murals that creates warmth and structure 

A third way to achieve the desired Scandifornian coastal feeling with our wall murals is to opt for a subtle pattern in organic shades that will add structure, warmth, and life to your walls. One of many perfect choices for this is our design Shibori Clay in the shade pale beige. It exudes the perfect minimalistic and organic feeling with its structured clay pattern in natural tones. With plenty of texture and a neutral color palette, this design is ideal if you want the flexibility to change details and accent colors in your home while having a wall mural that suits every style and has a timeless design. For the Scandifornian coastal style, add some blue accent colors, light and airy textiles, and furniture in natural materials.