How to style a japandi bedroom

Japandi, as the name suggests, is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. Here you’ll find inspiration from ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which emphasizes the value of contentment, simplicity, and comfort, as well as Scandinavian hygge, which focuses on embracing comfort, coziness and wellbeing.

While the term "Japandi" is a trending interior style now, both Scandinavian and Japanese design are some of the most timeless design styles in existence. Japandi is about embracing the imperfections and value craftsmanship and nature. And it is as much a mindset as a visual aesthetic. As Japandi-inspired schemes are rooted in natural materials, clean lines, and quality craftsmanship, bedrooms are a perfect fit for achieving a calm, harmonious aesthetic and relaxed, comfortable environment.

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Both cultures have a distinct respect for the home, and recognize the home as a place designed to feed and nurture
the soul. The main focus is the mix of materials and textures, combined with a minimalistic point of view. The combination of wood, ceramics, clay and textiles create dynamic even if the colors are mostly neutral. Contrasts are often added by darker shades of wood, or even black. But also by mimicking soft and rough textures.

With it’s calming elements of nature and clean lines, Japandi is particularly suitable for the bedroom, where it helps the body relax after a long day, or wake up calmly even when stressed. As we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, it is important to ensure that your space nurtures your soul.

5 ways to give your bedroom a japandi style

1. Focus on craftsmanship & material
When outfitting your home, stick to natural material and layer them to create a textured, dynamic space. Japandi is all about a mix of materials and textures, wood, clay, rough surfaces, plats and ceramics. Our most iconic japandi wallpapers incorporate just this.

2. Embrace the Light
Do not forget that light is a key element in any space. For a Japandi bedroom lightning is extra important since it affects our well being and enhances the energy of the room.

3. Declutter & embrace the things you love
When saying minimalistic it's not just that you should have less things but to really think about why you have certain things in your home. It's about choosing things you truly love and that serve a function for you. This will reflect back on how you feel in your space and to bring in the calmness in the space.

4. Neutral & calm wallpaper
If you love minimalism and calm, neutral colors - but still feel like adding some dimension to your space, a neutral, fluid wallpaper is the perfect match. A wallpaper does not have to be overwhelming at all, but the key feature that connects everything and makes the space whole.

5. Moody & dark
Do not be afraid of darker shades of wood or even to go all the way with black wallpaper with our Clay Shapes in antracite. In fact in feng shui, a way of harmonising your home, black is associated with the water element and evokes power, mystery, and calm. If you need a dark bedroom to sleep, this is the perfect first step for just that.