Kidsroom inspiration

The kids' room is where you can really let your imagination run wild and create a whole new world. We have collected children's room inspiration so that you can create the perfect children's room in your home. The room for playing, learning and relaxing. Children's wall murals are more than just entertaining for kids, they also promote creativity. Create an inspiring environment where every corner of the room tells a unique story and encourages play and exploration. By integrating carefully selected children's wall murals, you can create a place where imagination is not only welcome but also encouraged.

Neutral and minimalistic

In children's rooms, minimalist wallpapers can create a calm and timeless atmosphere. Minimalism is all about embracing simplicity and the essentials. These wallpapers aim to create a clean look without superfluous details, leaving room for the child's playfulness and creativity to grow. The minimalist style in the children's room usually involves the use of simple patterns, neutral colors and sparse decorations, especially in the wallpapers. Here you can explore solid colored walls, subtle geometric patterns or discreet design elements that don't overwhelm the space. 

By embracing minimalist design within the wallpaper, you create the children's room a timeless base that can adapt and grow with the child. At the same time, it conveys a calm and inviting environment for rest and play, where the subtle tones of the wallpapers emphasize the harmony of the room.

Minimalism aims to create a children's bedroom that is not only beautiful but also functional. By focusing on the most meaningful and avoiding superfluous details, the nursery becomes a place that promotes calm and freedom for the child's growing mind.



Enter the magical world of eclectic art with our wallpapers, specially designed to make your child's room a place of unique and personalized style. Our eclectic wallpapers are like works of art in themselves, a harmonious mix of different colors, patterns and themes, created with care to give the children's room an inspiring touch and an eclectic charm.

Each wallpaper is like a journey through the world of art, inspired by artistic creativity and versatility. They create a playful and stimulating environment that encourages your child to explore and express their creativity. Our eclectic wallpapers bring the best of different worlds, from playful motifs to inspiring landscapes. Each wallpaper is an invitation to a colorful and varied world of art and design, where eclectic charm becomes the heart of the children's room's personal expression.


Dreamy pastel colors

Here, flowers, playful animals and the beauty of nature dance around every corner. Welcome to a children's room where every moment is a journey into a magical world of adventure and dreams. The walls are covered in wallpaper with subtle and enchanting patterns of flowers, animals and scenarios straight from nature's treasury. Soft shapes and playful pastel colors embrace the room, creating a sense of creativity and harmony. Every morning is an adventure waiting to be explored, and every night is a dreamy journey into a world of sleep and imagination. Wooden details and an enchanting canopy bed give the room a dreamy atmosphere. Rattan furniture and romantic patterns create an inspiring environment, while the wallpapers, like works of art on the walls, depict flowers, animals and natural wonders. These patterns in romantic shades and muted colors create a calm and harmonious feeling. Each wallpaper becomes a magical portal that takes the child on a journey through an imaginative world. 

Furniture with soft shapes and bedding in pastel colors inspired by nature create a cozy feeling, while wooden details blend in seamlessly and enhance the natural atmosphere. Welcome to a place where play, dream and inspiration come together in a harmonious symphony of amazing possibilities. In this fabulous space, little adventurers and dreamers grow up in a world full of inspiration and creativity.

Colorful and vibrant 

Our colorful wallpapers create a fairytale and magical atmosphere in your child's room. Each wallpaper is like an enchanting palette where the colors dance in harmony and transform the walls into a place of movement and joy. Wallpapers are not just decorative surfaces, but magical portals to an imaginative world. Every surface becomes a canvas for your child's creative adventures and dreams, and every wallpaper fills the room with a playful sense of magic.

Explore our range of colorful wallpapers, from bold and vibrant patterns that embellish the children's room with a playful sense of magic. Give your child the opportunity to help choose their own favorite, and watch their room transform into a personalized experience of color and imagination.

Because we understand that color is not only visually appealing, it is also a key to emotions. Our wallpapers are created to not only change the look of the walls, but to create a place where joy and creativity can flourish.


5 interior design tips for the kids' room

We all remember the feeling of creating our very first bedroom. Whether it was choosing a color or decorating the entire room, it suddenly became our own little universe. A child's room should be a place that stimulates play and imagination while offering security and the opportunity to recharge their little batteries. Here are 5 tips that you can use when it's time to create the perfect kids' room:

1.Timeless and durable furniture

When decorating a children's room, include different storage options such as wardrobes, chests, shelves, hooks and storage boxes. Mix open and closed storage for visible and hidden toys. To encourage children to help with cleaning, place some lower shelves/hooks for frequently used toys and some higher ones for rarely used ones. Use storage bags or smaller boxes for easy handling. Avoid large storage boxes or tall bags that take up floor space and make it difficult for children to find. Choose several smaller/medium sized storage options and use the wall space. The goal is for each toy to have a specific "home" to create a sense of security and routine for children. Label the storage with pictures or text to facilitate organization.

2. Rugs

In the children's room, not only will children crawl around, but parents, friends and grandparents will also settle down on the floor to join in the play. That's why it's wonderful to have a rug that not only absorbs sound but also protects little feet from cold floors and creates a soft surface for play. If you have a larger room, you can even consider having multiple rugs. Whatever your decorating style, feel free to choose a rug that inspires play. This could be car tracks, playful patterns or imaginative landscapes. It doesn't have to be loud or messy; there are many stylish options available today. Remember to invest in a non-slip mat to keep the rug in place securely.

3. Play area

A children's room doesn't just need furniture. It also needs an "empty" area on the floor where children can play freely. Many children prefer not to sit at a kitchen table when playing, so it is important to create a special place where they can move freely on the floor. Where else could they play with their toy cars, do somersaults or simply let loose and have fun?

4. Playful organization

When investing in children's furniture, it's wise to choose neutral basic furniture that will stand the test of time. At the same time, it is important to go for furniture that is sturdy and long-lasting. By decorating with wooden children's furniture, you can be sure that it will last long enough for siblings and cousins to inherit it. Furthermore, choosing wood that is FSC-certified shows a commitment to responsible forestry. This is called sustainability, which is beneficial to both the environment and your wallet.

5. Cozy corner

When the tents or playhouses are not being used as a shop, castle or something else exciting, they can offer children a place of comfort and security. It's a place to retreat to when you've had a lot of impressions or just want to rest with a book. In addition to pillows, blankets, and a string of lights, you can arrange a basket or box with some books, stuffed animals, or anything else your child likes to cuddle with.