Power of Blue

Before modern colorants, the color blue had to be created from natural pigments, which were in fact very rare. Only royalty could afford it, from French monarchs to Egyptian pharaohs. Thanks to modern technology, blue is affordable to people everywhere, in every hue and shade, and has since become one of the most popular and versatile colors to use in interiors.

Despite being the rarest color in nature, blue has a powerful effect on the human psyche. Some see it as an exciting color, and some see it as more traditional and conservative. Blue can evoke a sense of trust and security, intelligence and authority, or it can bring more subtle feelings such as calmness, healing, and tranquility. No matter what your interpretation, it’s clear that blue has many inherent qualities, yet it takes the right balance and styling to unlock its full potential.

Bold and Artistic
For those who want their home to be a place of fun and adventure, a bold and artistic wall mural in vivid blue is a fantastic choice. From a pop of color on clean white walls to a total color takeover, there are many ways to show off your audacious spirit and daring style. Go bold by color blocking with different elements, for example, a cobalt blue staircase with our Citrus Tree wall mural. For more dimension, add an accent of red or pink to finish the look, like a large red painting together with our Eclectic Art.


Sometimes you just want something that sparks the imagination. Then a bright and playful blue wall mural is the one for you. These whimsical motifs are surprisingly versatile, pairing equally well with maximalist or simplistic interiors, and that’s why we’ve decided to release one of our best selling designs, Leaves, in a striking new blue colorway. This design can be placed together with sophisticated pieces and vintage furniture, such as Arne Jacobsen’s classic Series 7 chair, for a captivating contrast between old and new. 

Blue can help you to be more productive and creative, so consider it in a home office, or a recreation room. Don’t be afraid of combining wallpaper and art. Your wall is yours to dress up however you wish.

Calm and Traditional
Blue is the perfect color to bring serenity to any space. Like the sky on a clear day, a light dusty blue can brighten the mood and comfort the spirit. Paired with delicate florals, this style of wall mural gives a traditional feel that is at the same time refreshing and modern, as shown in our designs Scenic Landscape and Chinoiserie Arches. Scenic Landscape is a landscape wall mural that is easy to cover all four walls of a room because its soft drawn pencil strokes are light and soothing. 

When working with traditional blues, it is a good choice to make the rest of the room simple with classic furniture and decor so that there is plenty of room to sit and relax. Soft blue pairs well with warm wood floors and creamy beiges, and are a tried-and-true combination for a classic cottage or summer house.

Elegant Modern
Even when working with a calmer blue, there is still room to experiment and explore. An artistic wall mural with contemporary abstract shapes and painterly textures can deepen the character of any space. Style the room with a mix of different materials in the furniture - wood, metal, velvet, and ceramics - to give an elegant and modern feeling. This styling is excellent for dining rooms and spaces where guests can get together and have fun, where the power of blue can help you to build connections and trust between people.

Don’t have space for a wall mural in the kitchen because of all the cabinets? Try something unexpected by placing your wall mural on the ceiling. This is an excellent solution for crowded walls, as you can see in our example of Artistic Petals on the ceiling of a bright blue dining room and kitchen. You can find our guide “How to Wallpaper the Ceiling” here

How you interpret a color’s mood is personal to you, and that’s why it’s important to be aware of how you see blue, and how that impacts your personal style. In that case, it’s a good thing that that blue is so versatile. Together with a high quality wall mural, you can create the best style for you with the power of blue!