Styling inspiration - BelarteICONS Black & White

We are proud to present the ICONS of our Black & white designs. This collection features some of our most beloved designs in a new setting together with two new color ways. Read more to get styling tips and inspiration of how to decorate with our black & white ICONS. We constantly get inspired by how interior designers, customers and partners interpret our designs in their homes and projects. Our designs are timeless and can be styled in multiple ways according to your own personal liking. Here are some ways to do it.

Style it NEUTRAL, with an elevated Scandi look.

The sharpness of the black and white designs can easily be softened with wooden materials that add warmth to the environment. Pillows, blankets or soft materials used in the ”hygge” style will give a soft base where the black and withe wallpaper can add an interesting touch and elevate your Scandi look. Youssra Dada interior designer and influencer used our ”Flowline” in her home.

She chose this design because of its shape and fell for its sharp contrasts. She says "It's a wallpaper that truly catches the eye and with the help of wooden materials in my home it becomes a soft combination.”

"It's a wallpaper that truly catches the eye and with
the help of wooden materials in my home it becomes a soft combination.”

- Youssra Dada

Style it with a POP OF COLOR

Use a pop of color to enhance your black & white design. You might not want to go full monochrome in a room and you might want to keep the colors few yet still create an interesting design, the answer is to add black and whites. Either style it with small accent colored decoration as a lamp or a coffee table book. You can indeed go all in and use color on larger pieces as a sofa, rug or bed. Another way to add color is to do a statement ceiling and have a colorful art piece to fill the wall.

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Style it as an ART PIECE

If you live in a rental or prefer a more flexible solution for your wallpaper we recommend you make a large scale art piece out of any of our designs. It can be a cool addition to a home with structured walls or a rental where you are more limited in the possibilities of redecoration.

You can do this in two ways, either choose a design of ours that is made as an art piece like ”Shadow Shapes” or ”Plaster Art”. You can also create your own art piece from any of our designs just as Zina aka @Zinaterazina and Leonie aka @altbau.zweiundzwanzig has done.