Terracotta Vibes

After the last few years with a lot of uncertainty, we strive to create spaces that symbolises playfulness and positivity.One way to do just that is to bring color in to our homes in shape of decor, carpets and wall murals.Driven by the meta verse, bold colors take their place around us. According to Elle Decor in an article about which colors that will be the crown jewels of 2023, orange takes the third place. And rightfully so. Its bold and energetic nature is sure to add a touch of brightness to our lives and bring a much-needed burst of positive energy to our surroundings.

Elle Decor is not alone feeling that this warm colorscheme is something to bring into your surrounding. It’s been one of the most protruding colors in the most recent trade fairs, whether it has been on textiles, homewear or furniture. If you feel like the sharpest of orange tones might be tricky for you, do not be alarmed. This color comes in a variety of shades. It can be seen all the way from highly saturated to terracotta, touching on warm neutrals as well as peachy pink, burgundy and other warm clay tones. There is definitely a way to incorporate this color wether it is in a colored wall mural or just as an accent piece.

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Orange is one of the most optimistic, upbeat colors there is, but can at the same time be surprisingly elegant. It’s a vibrant and energizing color that can instantly brighten up any room. Often associated with creativity, enthusiasm and optimism, it makes a great choice for home offices, playrooms and living spaces.

Using this warm spectra of colors in a space simulates intellectually as well as sensually. With inspiration of how some of our favourite interior designers have used this color, we have created this colourful capsule to show you a new take of how to incorporate for example orange without getting stuck in a retro 70s vibe. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this color have been shown to have a variety of psychological effects on humans, and when it comes to incorporating these colors into your home, there are many ways to do it.

Terracotta is a warm and earthy color that's perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any room. This color is often associated with nature and the outdoors and has a grounding and calming effect. This makes it a great choice for bedrooms or living spaces. A terracotta coloured wallpaper, for example our new ”Marbling tiles”, paired with natural materials like wood and stone, creates a warm and organic feel in any space.

Peachy pinks
Peach is a soft and delicate color that can add a touch of femininity and elegance to any room. It's a color that's often associated with romance and sweetness, making it a great choice for bedrooms or dressing rooms. The beautiful ”Marbling tiles” also comes in a soft, dusty pink. This wall mural is perfect for creating a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere in any space. We do think this color is a perfect combination together with a bright orange accent.

Moody burgundy
Burgundy is a rich and sophisticated color that's perfect for adding a touch of drama, luxury and high-end feel to any room. It's a color that's often associated with power and elegance, making it a great choice for dining rooms or home libraries. Burgundy is paired well with metallic accents like gold or silver, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to any space. Why not combine this deep, warm color in perhaps a more traditional motif together with stainless steel. With a contrasting aesthetic that gives that modern touch.

When it comes to incorporating these colors into your home decor, there are many ways to do it. For example, you could paint an accent wall in a bold orange or burgundy shade, or add a few peach-colored throw pillows to your sofa. Our wall mural collections are also a great way to incorporate these colors into your home decor. Whether you opt for a bold and bright orange wallpaper or a more subtle terracotta design, our wallpapers are an easy and stylish way to add color to any room.

In conclusion, the colors orange, terracotta, peach, and burgundy all have unique and powerful effects on humans. From stimulating creativity to evoking feelings of luxury, these colors are a great way to add depth and personality to any home decor scheme. Whether you look to utilize a bold and vibrant orange wallpaper or a sophisticated burgundy design, these colors are sure to make a statement in any space.