Mix and match color with natural wood

Wood has been a staple in our homes for a long time. Its natural warmth and versatility make it a favorite among design experts and homeowners alike. From sturdy wooden furniture to subtle wooden details, there is something timeless and organic about this material that suits all interior styles. Although many people choose to stick to neutral colors and simple interiors to showcase the natural beauty of wood, the combination of wood with paint can create an exciting dynamic that changes the character of an entire room.

 Combining color with wood is a creative way to give your home a personal touch. Colors have the ability to affect our senses and enhance different moods. Each color carries its own energy and personality, from soothing blues to passionate reds. Every type of wood has a characteristic color and grain, but all kinds still have an overall color tone that can be yellow, orange, maroon, blue-brown or dark brown. Therefore, it is important to choose furniture or wall murals that will enhance the wood and guide your color choices.  



A color combination with wood that has caught our eye is peach. Our peach wall murals in combination with wood create a warm and inviting atmosphere that combines soft pastel tones with the earthy beauty of wood. When harmonizing with the natural warmth of the wood, the room gives a sense of openness, natural beauty and timelessness. The meeting between the warm, light peach color and the dark wood creates a strong contrast that immediately catches the eye. 

The color peach is soft and subtle, adding depth and dimension to the rooms when combined with darker wood. No wonder Peach Fuzz has been elected the color of the year. The chinoiserie wallpaper creates a moody and welcoming atmosphere, making the room a place to relax and feel at home. If you want to create a room that is both beautiful and inviting, peach and wood is a combination that is definitely worth considering.


Blue is known for its many shades, from calm pastels to bold and deep navy blues tones. The combination of wood and blue create a great balance. The naturally warm and soothing feeling of wood is enhanced by the cool and fresh tones of blue. The color blue is often associated with calm and harmony. By wallpapering with one of our blue wall murals, it gives the room a sense of relaxation and elegance. From calm and relaxed environments with soft blue shades to more dramatic and modern expressions with deeper blue tones.

Using blue through furniture or in a mural on your walls is a great idea because it is a color that can be adapted to many different styles and themes. Blue tones combined with wood can create a sense of simplicity and elegance, which is perfect for a modern and minimalist style. On the other hand, if you choose to use deeper blue tones together with dark wood, this can create a more classic and sophisticated atmosphere. Regardless of which style you choose to use, blue is a color that can help create a calm and relaxed atmosphere in your home.



Whether you like bohemian, eclectic or modern styles, we see how easily you can tailor your space by using different interiors or wall murals to suit your preferences. Putting together vibrant furniture or a colorful wall mural together with wood attracts attention, resulting in a captivating and engaging aesthetic. The combination of colors and the warmth of the wood creates an inviting and lively atmosphere that can have a positive impact on your mood and create a sense of joy and vigor.  It's an eye-catching combination that encourages personal space and playful self expression.



Wood, when thoughtfully combined with colors like blue and peach, goes beyond its traditional role and becomes a dynamic part of contemporary interior design. The combination of wood and blue introduces a playful elegance, while the fusion of wood with peach creates a romantic setting. These combinations show the versatility of wood and prove that it is not just a material but a canvas for expressing creativity and personal style. Whether you prefer the vibrant energy of blue or the soft romance of peach or want to mix styles to achieve an eclectic look, collaborating with wood is sure to bring depth, character and a timelessly appealing feeling to your living spaces.