People of Belarte - Camila Navas

Introduce yourself.
Hello, my name is Camila. I am a designer, art consultant, and founder of Nlumec, a carefully curated decor studio. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for artistic expression, I have dedicated my career to crafting unique and immersive design experiences that elevate the aesthetic sensibilities of my clients.

Describe your style.
My personal design style is an innovative fusion of mid-century modern and eclectic motifs. I am drawn to the dynamic interplay of blending contrasting elements of vintage and contemporary aesthetics to create a harmonious balance of comfort and refinement. I strive to create spaces that feel spacious and uncluttered, while still retaining a sense of warmth and comfort. Whether it's a sleek, mid century, modern chair or a cozy Scandinavian-inspired rug, I'm always on the lookout for pieces that will add a unique touch to my designs.

What is the best thing about your work?
I am passionate about all aspects of my work, from helping someone create their dream home, to curating a space that reflects their personal style, I'm always looking for ways to elevate the aesthetic sensibilities of those around me. I’m driven by the opportunity to help people transform their daily lives by enhancing their living spaces and creating a unique, beautiful environment that truly reflects their individuality. It's incredibly fulfilling to see the joy and comfort that a well-designed home can bring to someone's life. Knowing that I played a role in making that happen is a huge source of motivation and inspiration for me. I believe that a well-designed space should reflect the personality of the people who inhabit it - it should be warm, inviting, and full of character.

What mural did you choose and why?
I carefully selected the Wood Art wall mural to infuse a sense of natural earthiness into our Miami renovation project. The wood texture and tones seamlessly blend mid-century modern sensibilities with the simple elegance of Japanese and Scandinavian design, often referred to as "Japandi." Rather than relying on sterile white walls, I sought to create a cohesive and balanced color scheme through the addition of this statement mural. As an advocate of neutral palettes, this piece was a perfect fit to achieve the desired aesthetic. The integration of wall sconces further elevated the atmosphere, resulting in a dynamic interplay of light and texture that brings the entire space to life.

What is the best thing about wallpaper according to you?
Wallpaper offers a unique advantage in that it can instantly elevate a space with minimal effort. In this particular case, the intricate pattern and texture of real wood would have been both expensive and labor-intensive to install. Additionally, the installation of permanent wood features could limit the versatility of the space. On the other hand, the use of wallpaper provides an easy and sustainable alternative that effortlessly achieves the same look and feel.

What are your thoughts and dreams about the future?
As a designer, I am passionate about incorporating sustainability into the homes I create.It is disheartening to witness the trend of new homes being built with subpar materials that lack character and do not age well. It is a shame that the subsequent owners often spend additional money and labor to remove these materials and replace them with more valuable alternatives. I implement these principles to create homes that are both beautiful and environmentally responsible. By utilizing renewable resources, minimizing waste, and prioritizing longevity, we can build homes that not only enhance our daily lives, but also contribute to the health of our planet.