People of Belarte - Emina Alivodic

Emina Alivodic is a profile within the Swedish fashion scene, with great experience and roles as chief designer. Today she works with e-commerce at where she is responsible for all the visual material produced for Nelly and NLYMAN. She lives together with here two daughters, Ingrid and Sofi in a villa in the textile city Borås. Here she mixes design pieces with vintage finds in a playful way rich of color.                                                                                                    

When did you get interested in interior design?
I thinks it goes hand in hand with my interest for fashion, it's been there since I was a child. I like design in all its forms and have always had a huge interest for design icons and design personalities.


How would you descried your style and how come it's so playful and rich of color? 

I have a very personal style I don’t want to go with the flow. I like to decorate with humor and I tend to find trends before they become big. I like to mix colors but I also think there should be a solid base, I think you should have a solid base in your decoration and I prefer to add on rather than replace. I mix 60´s with the 80´s and touch of contemporary. 

I think you could find my style brave since I set my own rules, I like to break patterns and try new combinations. I mix design classics and vintage finds to create a personal home. History in general and the story behind the vintage pieces is something that fascinates me. I never really thought my home would be this colorful, but I have realized I like it this way, especially with bold accent colors like blue, red and yellow. When it comes to how I dress I wear more neutral colors. Something I´d like to apply in the decoration of my home but my curiosity makes my home in constant change and full of life.                                                                          
In what way do you think wallpaper has complemented your interior?
With wallpaper you can update your home and with ease create new expressions. You can let the wallpaper dominate or work as a complement just as Ive done in my home.                                                                                                       
Where do you find inspiration and what are your best tips for creating a personal home?
I tend to find inspiration from within and I dare to push boundaries. I also naturally find inspiration thanks to my curiosity. I decorate according to my personal preferences and I naturally invite objects I come across. Like I have  done with my sofa from Gan, they really made an impression. They are like a symbol of the textile heritage I have from my mother, my journey within tailoring, fashion design and the commercial fashion I work with today.