Formex 2023 is fronted by belarteSTUDIO x Lena Nyholm

The excitement is high for the Formex fair 2023. Where this year's main exhibition will be revealed by interior designer Lena Nyholm and design company belarteSTUDIO.

The creators have joined forces to create an exclusive wallpaper collection full of innovative design that will be displayed on three surfaces in the entrance square at Stockholmsmässan when Formex takes place August 22-25.

"We are incredibly happy to collaborate with Lena Nyholm for this unique design project. Through our shared passion for art on walls, we have created a wallpaper collection that has been taken to a whole new level which is in line with our design philosophy." says Anna Appelqvist, Founder & Creative Director at belarteSTUDIO

"The collaboration has been an incredibly inspiring journey and I am convinced that our collection will spread magic and joy to many wonderful rooms around the world." assures Lena Nyholm.

When different creators come together, there is an interplay between their creative souls, which becomes even stronger when everyone joins forces to create something extraordinary together. The unique collaboration involves three parties with different expertise, including florist Samuel at Stjaelk, who has helped create a three-dimensional harmony between textures and materials in the collection.

The wallpapers really show a result of "Meeting Magic"; three parties coming together and letting their creativity flow to become an outstanding collaboration with a great wow effect.


Lena Nyholm is one of Sweden's leading interior designers, known for her ability to create inspiring and unique environments. With a solid background as an interior design expert and many years of experience in creating magical environments for many of Sweden's famous TV productions, Lena Nyholm has established herself as a recognized authority in the industry.