The story behind - Biophilic Nature


Step inside to experience a new type of interior and encounter exotic pastures, shrubberies, and magnificent flowers. This is our latest collection of wall murals, inspired by the sceneries of the great outdoors. Let us present, Biophilic Living. The motifs and colors in this wallpaper collection are meant to blur the line between out- and indoors, leaving you with an invigorating sensation of inner calm, feelings ever so present in nature.

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When creating this collection we dug deep into the biophilic philosophy of both architecture and design. A philosophy built upon the well-known fact that the presence of nature benefits our mental well-being. This time around, we bring our interpretation of nature inside, by extending the feelings of tranquility with dramatic motifs and a wide variety of green earthy hues synonymous with nature.

On the creative side of the process, we found inspiration for the designs from ancient oil paintings portraying nature, detailed tapestries, and refined textiles. Important inspirational sources with a certain elegance and richness in textures, to really bring the motifs of this collection to life.


Biophilic architecture and design might seem like somewhat of an unexplored approach in the era of mental health remedies. And yes, the name is rather new, but the phenomenon of bringing nature into our homes actually dates back as far as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Whether it was understood to benefit mental health at the time or just a fancy way of showing off to your neighbor, is unfortunately unknown. Luckily, in this day and age, we can with certainty tell you that our biophilic designs, will do both.


When creating new collections we set the goal to hit the sweet spot between eclectic and modern aesthetics to get a certain contrast and edge. Combining contemporary interior with historic motifs and textures makes the setting versatile and easy to expand upon. This is applicable to both modern homes, public spaces such as a hotel, and even a small provincial cottage.

Three tips to create a biophilic interior
1. Use interior with natural and organic shapes, earthy tones when it comes to the color scheme, and a healthy mix of textures and materials.

2. Bring nature inside with a floral ceiling, illusions of forest landscapes, or even a large looming tree or plant, if there’s room for it.

3. Be creative with light and shadow. Make use of the natural daylight and enlarge the space with mirrors to create depth from the reflected rays of sunshine and the perception of a larger room. If you feel limited by the number of windows, don’t shy away from creating an artificial source of light.


The concept behind the biophilic tradition goes hand in hand with sustainability. That is something that we work with on a daily basis and see as a core value. Our greatest contribution is our business model, to produce on demand. By having the ability to produce only what our customer needs is a great feeling. Even better is that it does not come at the cost of everything needing to look the same. 

With that said we all have a lot we can develop and work on within sustainability. We try to send as little samples as we can by finding alternative digital ways of visualizing the final result of adding our wallpaper in a room for our customers. 

If you like what you see, head over to the Biophilic Living Collection to see more. If you have any questions regarding the collection or just need some help with your upcoming project, do not hesitate to reach out. Hope to hear from you soon.