The story behind - Calm Nature

It’s considered an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration. We don’t always see it, but it’s in front of us every day if we only open our eyes. Its influence can be found in architecture, interior design, and fashion trends, to just name a few. And the combinations are endless. This is Calm Nature, our latest collection inspired by the nourishing nature itself.

An assemblage of wall murals where the simplicity of scandi meets the elements of the biophilic aesthetic to create a calm and neutral setting.

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The majority of nature-inspired wallpaper murals depict organic plants in different tints of green. This one, however, is inspired by a more subtle color palette and could be considered an homage to the underrepresented hues in the nature genre. But it’s really the fluidity of the organic shapes and waves that constitutes the collection's deviant characterization. These shapes can be found in various textures and materials, such as the wavy pattern in limestone, curvy stripes under a mushroom cap, or winding branches reaching from the trunk of a century-old tree. These are all inconsistent patterns synonymous with clutter. Still, when paired with a neutral color, they somehow manage to communicate perfect harmony. A true paradox of beauty.

When we created the collection, we wanted the wall murals to convey calming feelings. So we took the best parts out of the two different interior aesthetics we best felt represented those feelings and put them together. It was cherry-picking at its nest. The minimalistic and neutral end result makes it effortless for you who love the scandi aesthetic to integrate a biophilic and mindful feeling into your home. And, of course, the same applies to all of you biophiliacs out there that want to pivot and live by the “less is more” axiom for a while. A middle ground of sorts, without compromise.

Although, you don’t have to label yourself as a fan of a particular interior aesthetic to appreciate the collection. There are several ways to style. For example, you can make your entire hallway seem like it’s made out of stone with our abstract Travertine wallpaper. Suppose you are feeling a bit more adventurous. In that case, you can wake up to a beautiful horizon every morning with the
wall mural, Vintage Landscape.

It’s easy to decorate around, no matter what motif you choose, thanks to the neutral colors. Combining natural materials like wood, rattan, and ceramics is a great way to get started. Then, mix different textures and textiles to add depth and coziness. Finally, add contrast to the interior with darker details to finish off strong.

To see all the designs, head over to Calm Nature Collection.