The story behind - Contrast Elements

Step into a world where colors tell tales of travels, art fairs, and histories written on ancient walls. Welcome to the newly reimagined wall mural collection by Belarte Studio, where iconic designs bask in the warm glow of earthy nature tones and dance under the shimmer of colder accents. We proudly present our latest wall mural collection, Contrast Elements.

The Color Story

This isn't just a collection; it's a color story. One we've penned with inspiration from our recent sojourns and the design symphony of fair events like Maison de Objet in Paris or the 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen. But like all timeless tales, ours, too, has roots that dig deep into the past.

Located in the heart of Copenhagen is the renowned Thorvaldsens Museum, a neoclassical marvel dedicated to the works of the 19th-century Danish sculptor, Bertel Thorvaldsen. A testament to artistry itself, every nook and cranny of the Thorvaldsens Museum exudes meticulous design. Deep burgundy and golden ochre adorn its walls and cobalt blue skies are reflected in the ceilings while the floor comes alive with intricate graphic patterns in the tiles. The echoes of this centuries-old historical color story, resonate strikingly well with modern trends in the design world, underscoring the timeless allure of these color harmonies. Such a profound interweaving of bygone eras with contemporary times, a dance of warm and cool hues, signifies the inception of our creative journey.



The Collection

Blue and red have always danced beautifully together. But in this chapter of our design journey, they appear in softer, more muted tones, reminiscent of sunsets and the cool embrace of twilight. It's a more mature, contemplative version, evolving from the neutrals to a more dark and moody persona. The result? An elevated Scandi look, that whispers tales of the forest, sunset horizons, and the vast midnight blue sky.

At the heart of Belarte Studio's offerings are the patterns that define our brand. For this unique color story, we've revisited our archives, selecting standout icons that harmonize with our journey. The enigmatic "Artistic Lines" stands ready for those who desire a bold geometric statement, while the "Abstract Sketch" offers a softer, more organic feel with its subtle shadings. Whether you're leaning into strong lines or the gentle allure of gradients and stripes, our collection presents a design to meet every aesthetic aspiration.

Every shade in this wall mural collection stems from nature's palette. Deep browns that echo the earth's embrace, rusty reds that remind you of autumn leaves, and blues reminiscent of serene lakes. When paired with natural materials like wood, textured textiles, and stoneware, these murals elevate any space, turning it into a canvas of stories.

How to style it

For those familiar with the Scandi core, this collection is a harmonious progression, blending the best of the base in Scandi elements with contemporary aesthetics. Geometric patterns, soft shadings, and warm features come together to create a versatile wall mural collection that's both classic and avant-garde.

As you think about weaving these designs into your decor, remember there's no need for an entire overhaul. Your existing furniture and materials can perfectly complement this color story, staying true to the adaptability of the Scandi design ethos.

Think beyond just walls and consider extending the color palette to unexpected surfaces like ceilings, wardrobes, or even doors. These tonal shades can soften contrasts, enveloping your space in cohesive warmth.

Details make all the difference. Echoing the chosen colors in cushions, textiles, or even a strategically placed book can thread together the design narrative you're aiming for. And finally, never underestimate the power of lighting. A well-placed warm light, especially in corners or against walls, can accentuate and elevate the mural colors, creating a space that not only showcases the beauty of the wall murals but also narrates a captivating story with every element.


Belarte Studio always strives for sustainability. We're proud to emphasize our print-on-demand model, a conscious choice to reduce our carbon footprint. Unlike companies with vast stocks, our unique approach means we print exactly what you desire, ensuring minimal waste and maximal satisfaction. But it's not just about printing; it's about visualization too. To further our commitment to the environment, we offer a unique VR experience for our customers. Click on your desired design, scan the QR code, and experience your chosen wall mural in real-time, right in your living space. This initiative caters to our eco-friendly aspirations and the conscious clientele who value both luxury and the environment.


And if you ever find yourself pondering the best way to integrate these murals into your space, remember, it's about creating a narrative. Whether you lean towards the bolder designs or prefer subtler gradients, the power of wall murals lies in the stories they tell.

Belarte Studio invites you to be a part of this color story. Dive deep into our latest wall mural collection, and let the colors narrate tales of history, art, and nature. If questions arise or guidance is sought, know that we are here, ever eager to assist in turning your spaces into stories.

Until then, may your interiors be as vibrant and expressive as the tales you wish to tell.