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Deco Decadense Moodboard

The Deco Decadence collection draws its initial inspiration from the warm embrace of the late 19th century traditional thematic. Its ambition throughout is to convey the same warmth by leaning into distinguished vintage patterns while flirting with contemporary design settings and expressive combinations of muted pastels.

We really had the broad strokes of what we wanted the collection to communicate down to a pin from the get go. What we didn’t realize was the abundance of beautiful patterns and graphical elements that the era we drew inspiration from had to offer.

We had the privilege of getting an exclusive tour inside the archives of the local textile museum, which for our purpose, held untold treasures. After the visit it immediately dawned on us in what direction we wanted to take the motifs of this contemporary collection.


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We didn’t just want to create another one of the overrepresented “flowery” wallpaper that floods the market, we wanted something more. We knew we wanted to use classical motifs, but we needed it to be seen in a new light. In order to achieve this and bring the concept to reality, we needed a clash. A clash between time periods.

As you know, every era comes with it’s unique way of expressing oneself. And in the forefront of every revolution, there’s a guiding star. Our Danish neighbors have been renowned for paving the way when it comes to architecture and interior design throughout the last century, so that's exactly where we went.

During “3 days of design” in Copenhagen, we indulged in what the city had to offer. Contemporary design in every setting imaginable. New mixed with old, classics mashed with artsy statement pieces and lots and lots of colors. This is exactly what we were looking for.

Photos from 3 days of design inspiration trip

With our inspirational trip fresh in mind, we had finally found the clash. This was going to be a collection with traditional motifs with a twist, made to fit modern homes.

Instead of repeated patterns filled with miniscule digitally made flower arrangements, these murals were created with craft techniques such as embroidery and delicate hand painting to depict the spacious flowers and looming stems. Once the art was finished, we added structure and patina mixed with 3d effects to keep the character of vintage wallpaper.

The broad range of muted pastels in pink, yellow, blue, green, hints of lilac and darker colors such as brown and burgundy makes the murals easy to combine with interior and furniture in every color desirable. The wide color palette lets you incorporate timeless classics and state-of-the-art designer pieces alike.
None mentioned, none forgotten.

These murals really hold their own in a room and make the perfect fit in an artsy setting or an environment with fewer details because of the voluminous motifs. And thanks to the muted pastel colors, we believe this collection also makes the cut when it comes to spaces with a little more details, rather than less.

It’s meant to fit everyday homes regardless which time period you draw inspiration from. This collection is supposed to be one of those guiding stars in the revolution that celebrates differences and acceptance of individuality.