The story behind - Earthy Artistic

It’s everything and nothing, everywhere and nowhere, expected and unexpected, and it can be all these things at once, depending on the eye of the beholder. The only critic that decides what’s what is you. Welcome to the thrilling world of art.

Let us present, Earthy Artistic - an abstract wall mural collection influenced by our love for modern design and passion for art. A collection meant to open the door and introduce a new type of interior to those that normally wouldn’t consider wallpaper an option.

The Earthy Artistic wall mural collection mainly draws its inspiration from abstract art. The shapes, forms, lines, and colors create compositions of visual references to the real world with some discrepancies to leave room for interpretation and imagination.

Pioneers like Bengt Orup, Olle Bonniér, and Harry Boström are just three names of the many avantgardists in the abstract genre that inspired and influenced this collection with their famous work on geometrical abstraction.

A more contemporary influence on the collection is the well-known Kelly Wearstler, the interior design guru behind The Downtown L.A Proper Hotel. By combining various materials, colors, and patterns in both vintage and modern aesthetics, she indeed shows how to seamlessly translate abstract art into a bold yet well-thought-out interior masterpiece with personality and character.

Apart from the incredible people and breathtaking places that influenced this wall mural collection, it was the passion for the art itself that set us off. We consider each of the designs to be its own unique piece of art to be combined with high-end furniture in stunning architectural settings.

The collection's color base is relatively neutral, although it contains elements of black contrasts and pops of color accents inspired by the 70s. All the designs are drawn by hand and made with different tools and techniques, such as brushstrokes and sketchy crayons, with a variety of soft and sharp edges to create an effortless yet energetic look with a sense of depth.

The Earthy Artistic wall mural collection offers a bold and artsy backdrop that makes the perfect foundation for a vibrant vintage mid-century setting. And thanks to the selection of both neutrals, black, and elements of color makes it look just as amazing when combined in a contemporary interior.

Both art and interior are subjective, and there are no rules to follow. We simply offer guidelines on best incorporating our wall murals in different settings. And guidelines are just like art, wide open to interpret how you see fit. Belarte, means “beautiful art,” and that’s how our designs are best used - breaking the norms and daring to be anarchistic when expressing your personal characteristics through the art of interior design.

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