The story behind - Heritage Blue

Welcome to your favorite place. Right there in the middle. Right in between the two biggest enigmas of our world, the ocean, and the sky.

Let us present, Heritage blue.  A collection of our iconic wallpaper designs in a new colour setting, emphasizing natural blue tints ranging from dark navy to light blue sky, colours synonymous with the Mediterranean, the ocean, and the sky.

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This is a collection of wall murals with traditional motifs like the vintage palm and citrus tree but also contemporary ones like the abstract sketch. Inspiration for this collection and the colour combination was mainly picked up from the well-known patterns found in Morocco and the Mediterranean, but also contain hints from both the detailed blue and white ceramics and the gorgeous intricate designs found in Toile de Jouy.

History of blue

The first-ever synthetic blue colour produced for decorative art was created in a rather complex process by the ancient Egyptians. And just like the pyramids, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The symbolism behind the colour and the serenity it inspires hold quite the resemblance to a beautiful evening sky or one of those wonderful days at sea. Moments like these bring inner peace and uncomplicated thoughts, and if decorating with the colour blue can bring forth even a fraction of the tranquil sensations described above, it’s a huge win, at least in our handbook.

Styling tips

The patterns in this collection combined with the different hues of blue make the perfect wallpaper backdrop to create a relaxed setting. The motifs are meant to bring life, excitement, and joy to the surroundings while the blue colour is the soothing factor to even things out, creating perfect harmony.

These wall murals are easily matched with playful ceramics and furniture in natural materials like wood and rattan and go well with a smidge of colour, such as a decorative bowl of fresh lemons. Whether it’s the guest room in the beach house or the bedroom in a studio apartment, these designs paired up with that gorgeous family furniture heirloom, passed down in generations, will ensure a peaceful interior with a healthy dose of nostalgia.

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