The story behind - Mystic Revival

In a world where modern aesthetics often dominate, a captivating new wallpaper collection is poised to transport us to an era of mysticism, intrigue, and artistic enchantment. Mystic Revival is a collection that draws inspiration from esoteric artists of the 18th to 19th centuries and their different heritage techniques. Bringing the ethereal visions into contemporary living spaces.


Mystic Revival is a celebration of the esoteric aesthetic. The vision was to have a collection that could blend new and old seamlessly, so that one could have a space that honors the rich aesthetics of the past together with a wall mural that brings a modern touch. These murals fit well in both modern and vintage style interiors, like a simple dining room with dark color accents, or an eclectic space with highly curated vintage and designer furniture. Those with a passion for collecting high quality vintage pieces and art will appreciate having a wall mural that wraps the room in an inspirational and artistic mood.

This collection is a collaboration with designer Clara Bryant, and is the result of a passionate journey to unearth hidden treasures from the annals of art history. Delving into the works of artists who embraced mysticism, symbolism, and unconventional viewpoints, Clara aimed to breathe new life into these age-old visions. The collection not only honors the legacy of artists like Hilma of Klint and William Blake but also invites us to bring their mysterious worlds into our living spaces.


At the heart of the Mystic Revival collection lies in visionary works that explore the boundaries between reality and the spiritual realm. Engraved Sunscape, a design inspired by the technique of engraving with its many lines and details and Esoteric Sky, a design with inspiration from both spiritual and symbolic references from this period in time.


Abstract Astronomy is an abstraction of the cosmos into circular shapes and a contrasting color story make this wall mural a timeless piece that can bring an inspiring ambience to any space. Inspired by artistic pioneers that were ahead of their time this design suits in both a modern or more historic interior setting. It's perfect in a soft space with furniture with rounded edges that unites the room in shape and form or as a contrast between a minimalistic space with darker decor.

Interior Tips and Suggestions

Some of the major interior influences for the collection were the dazzling homes of art col- lectors - from large anthropomorphic sculptures in a New York apartment to a French chateau full of antiques. Many of the art pieces in these spaces are of historical significance and are best appreciated by those familiar with their deeper meanings. These types of spaces can exist on a vast spectrum - collectors can have a maximalist space with piles of books and trinkets covering every surface, or a minimalist space with a small selection of showstopping pieces.

Engraved Sunscape in black and white works well with a dark academia inspired space filled with wood accents, as its classic line engraving texture will play well with many vintage materials and styles. The sky blue colorway will fit best in a brighter space, where one may desire a sunnier feeling.

Esoteric Sky in multicolor is a dreamy wall mural, perfect for a bedroom or somewhere where whimsy and inspiration are wanted. A beautiful velvet fabric, or large oak bed could become the centerpiece in a room with Esoteric Sky.

The colors

The lighter and less saturated hues reflect the watercolor paintings of William Blake while the darker tones of deep burgundy, blue, and black bring a much needed contrast to some of the designs, ensuring that the dark undertone of the mystical remains an essential part of the wall murals.

The Mystic Revival collection isn't just about wallpapers; it's about transforming spaces into portals of inspiration. If you're seeking to infuse your home with a touch of the mystical or longing to create a sanctuary that blurs the lines between the mundane and the magical, this collection offers a canvas of possibilities. From living rooms to bedrooms, from hallways to creative workspaces, each wallpaper tells a story that's waiting to be woven into the fabric of your environment.