The story behind - Vibrant Minimalism

At the heart of our latest collection lies a deep connection to nature, expressed through exquisite surfaces that invite touch and admiration. Inspired by the world around us, we’ve woven together textures, fluid patterns, and a warm palette to create wall murals that are both organic, vibrant and a touch of bold. Each surface brings its own unique aesthetic qualities. We cater to a wide range of styles so you can find the perfect mural to complement your vision, whether it's a modern minimalist look or a warm, rustic feel. Each element plays an important role in creating a space that feels both modern and timeless.



The collection

Each piece in our new collection is a masterpiece, designed to make a statement and capture the essence of the natural world. Imagine the fluid patterns of wood grains, the solid yet intricate beauty of stone, and the soft, earthy touch of clay. These elements are not just seen but felt, as our tactile wall murals invite you to experience their detailed craftsmanship. This sensory connection brings a piece of the natural world into your home, evoking a sense of calm and organic beauty.

Our wall murals, with their contemporary bold aesthetic, showcase confidence and style. They reflect your individuality through distinctive designs that leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s a striking piece of furniture or an eye-catching decor item, our murals transform any space, creating a sensory narrative that is uniquely yours.



The designs

At the core of our new collection is a profound appreciation for natural surfaces. Each design draws inspiration from the earth's organic textures and fluid patterns, evoking a sense of tranquility and connection to nature. This collection is designed with versatility in mind and every piece pays homage to the timeless beauty of the natural world, making it suitable for a wide range of contemporary interiors.

Travertine showcases the natural beauty of Italian luxury limestone with its rich, life-inspired melange effect, featuring soothing neutral tones while Marbling tiles two
mimic the natural flow of marble. The warm palette of rich browns with anthracite adds depth and coziness, making your space feel inviting and serene. The organic swirls and curves create a sense of movement and life, bringing a touch of nature indoors.



Our Graphic Clay mural transforms your walls into beautiful surfaces of visual interest. This wall mural, handcrafted in clay, pays homage to the artistry of ceramics. Each element reflects the meticulous craftsmanship of handmade patterns, offering a unique, artisanal touch to your interiors.

The organic lines and swirls of the Vibrant Veneer capture the essence of natural wood and marble, bringing the outdoors inside with an artistic twist. This exquisite wall mural combines the sophisticated beauty of fluid patterns with the rich details of marbled wood grain.



How to style

Styling our wall mural collection means simplicity without sacrificing style. Clean lines and uncluttered spaces define our contemporary bold look, providing a fresh, modern perspective on interior design. Each piece is designed to stand out, creating a harmonious and balanced environment. To add a contemporary edge, add a hint of industrial elements into your interior. Sleek chrome accents and robust materials provide a striking contrast to the softer, more organic shapes in the different wall murals. This blend of styles brings a dynamic and sophisticated touch to your interiors, making them uniquely yours. Chrome accents add the perfect finishing touch, reflecting light beautifully and enhancing the overall ambiance of your space. The reflective qualities of chrome complement the warm palette and organic textures, creating a balanced and cohesive look. These industrial chic elements add contemporary boldness, ensuring each piece stands out.

Incorporating transparent materials such as glass or acrylic can further enhance the modern aesthetic. Transparent furniture and decor pieces can make a space feel more open and airy, while also allowing the mural to shine through without visual obstruction. Consider using glass coffee tables, acrylic chairs, and light fixtures with clear elements to maintain a sense of spaciousness and modernity.



Rich earth tones, soft pastels, and vibrant interior come together in this collection to create spaces that are both inviting and energizing. This color scheme is perfect for adding depth and warmth to contemporary interiors, making your home feel like a sanctuary. We’ve opted for a warm palette that includes rich earthy tones and vibrant pops of color, adding depth and vibrancy to each design.




Explore the perfect blend of nature-inspired textures, warm palettes, and contemporary design. With a focus on tactile surfaces, warm palettes, and fluid patterns, we aim to create spaces that are both beautiful and stand the test of time. Embrace the organic, the vibrant, and the minimalistic with our thoughtfully curated pieces, and transform your home into a contemporary haven.