The story behind - Warm Botanicals

Warm colors that give that sense of an embraceful and soft atmosphere has been a crush of ours for a long time. We have seen it in various fields such as interiors, fashion and products. There is no wonder these are colors that make our hearts beat a little faster. Warm colors such as red and peach stand for happiness and energy. They lift our spirits, nurture our creativity and can be a powerful tool in freeing our emotions.

Peach is on everyone's lips since it has been appointed the color of the year, and it's here to stay. For those of you who feel a connection to these warm colors, it is both a long lasting choice as well as a perfect color to combine with other beautiful tones. Heading into a new year we wanted to give you a new inspiring concept of how to embrace these wonderful warm tones.


The designs

We especially love these colors in combination with wall murals with a bit more traditional motives such as chinoiserie and floral designs. The rich and deep colors make the painted florals look even more exquisite and give the designs a contemporary and updated vibe that are easy to pair with both traditional interiors as well as more modern silhouettes and rooms. From our new selection of wall mural designs you can find these designs with both darker and lighter main colors. Whatever version that suits you best it will give your space the same feeling of warmth. Of being embraced by this color palette and what it stands for.

For a more contemporary vibe, consider incorporating something more bold like Artistic petals in red for a touch of creativity and sophistication in your living space. Even the classic stripes are a good choice that can bring a dynamic and fresh energy. These design choices not only add a modern touch but also evoke a sense of nostalgia creating a layered and meaningful atmosphere in your home.

Color combinations

Peach is the perfect color to combine with a wide range of colors within the same spectrum of warm tones. It pairs beautifully with other red tones such as raspberry, rusty reds and burgundy or with more neutral choices as warm beige, cognac or even chocolate browns.

Even though you work with a similar color palette of warm tonal colors there is a need for contrast. If you don't do it by color you should consider doing it with material and texture. Add the color brown with the use of natural wood tones on for example flooring or furniture. It will give you a contrasting surface that makes your interior more dynamic and interesting. Another way of adding a contrasting material that pairs beautifully is with golden tones or ochre yellow and why not no all the way and use gold or brass.

Contrasting colors

The greens in the new wall mural designs are more warm and with a touch of olive. This can be a well needed contrast and also show that these colors pair well with both trees and plants that is important to that bring life into a space. Another contrasting color that we love is blue, both an elegant lighter blue but also a colorful and vibrant cobalt blue. Blue is a fantastic contrasting color that complements the warm tones of the new wall murals in a unique way. The elegant light blue shade imparts a sense of calm and freshness, which can be particularly welcoming in spaces where a relaxed atmosphere is desired. It also creates a nice balance with the warmer hues of red and peach, contributing to an overall harmonious feel throughout the environment.

On the other hand, the vibrant and lively cobalt blue adds an energetic contrast to the more muted colors of the wall mural. It serves as a fantastic accent color that captures attention and infuses an energetic atmosphere. This deep blue shade also conveys a sense of depth and creates an interesting dimension in the room. The eclectic mix with the cobalt blue armchairs, eye-catching pot and abstract art, seamlessly complements the chinoiserie wall mural creating a harmonious interplay of patterns and textures. The boldness from cobalt blue against the intricate designs of the wall mural enhances the overall visual appeal.


Traditional and Modern styling

This wall mural collection can be interpreted in a wide range of styles and homes thanks to its versatile colors and motives. The combination of warm greens, elegant blues, and vibrant accents allows for a seamless blend into diverse interior design preferences.

In a traditional setting, the earthy tones of warm greens can be accentuated to create a classic and timeless ambiance. The mural's botanical motifs, coupled with these colors, evoke a sense of nature and tranquility, aligning well with traditional decor that often emphasizes comfort and heritage.

On the other hand, in a contemporary context, the collection's clean lines and color palette, especially the light blue and bold cobalt blue, can contribute to a fresh and dynamic atmosphere. These hues can be utilized to create a sense of sophistication and modernity. The adaptability of the collection allows individuals to express their creativity and tailor the mural to fit within their chosen interior style.


Whether you choose wall murals with traditional or modern patterns, the embrace of warm colors like peach and red tones will infuse joy and energy into various design aspects. The selection of motifs allows you to create a personalized space that truly reflects your individual taste and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The versatility of these shades makes them as suitable in traditional as well as contemporary homes, creating space for a timeless interior design. By being drawn to these colors, your home will not only be modern to this day, but will also stand the test of time.