Multicolored artistic wall mural in red tones in this minimalistic living room. Glastable. Arco lamp. wooden stool. Grey rugg on a wooden floor. Graphic pillow in the sofa

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11 products

11 products

Create a bold statement with wallpaper

Artistic wallpaper designs can add a unique touch to any home. Whether you're looking for a subtle pattern to accentuate a feature wall or a bold statement piece to bring a room to life, there's an artistic wallpaper to suit any home. These designs often feature intricate geometric patterns, abstract shapes or eye-catching colors. They can be used to emphasize a focal point in a room or draw attention to an interesting feature.

Artistic wall murals creates the wow feeling

Artistic wallpaper designs can also be used to create a sense of luxury and sophistication. When choosing an artistic wallpaper, consider the color scheme of the room to ensure the design complements the decor. You can also choose a wallpaper that fits the theme of the room. For example, an ocean-inspired design may be perfect for a beach-style bedroom. Whichever design you choose, an artistic wallpaper will bring your home to life and give it a unique and stylish touch.

If you want to add a statement piece that catches your eye as soon as you step in to the room, our art wall murals are the right way to go. Browse our artistic wallpapers and find something that suits your walls. Wallpapers available in both neutral and colorful designs. Dare to go bold with your space and an art piece to your walls and create the wow feeling to your space.

Abstract wall murals for the modern home

Embrace your inner design lover and get lost in all of our unique patterns. Abstract wallpapers in both neutral and fun designs ready to be the eye catcher of the room. Our wide range from big artistic patterns to elegant and play full. Add some minimalistic designs to your interior and create the ultimate Scandi feel to your space. Abstract wall murals for your home. 

Contrast Art

One of our absolute most popular black and white designs is Contrast Art. An abstract hand painted design, roughly painted geometrical shapes in black and whites. This piece of art will truly transform your home and create that wow feeling in your space.

Bold Shapes

Bold Shapes is an abstract hand painted design and a true stunning wall mural. It evokes a feeling of modern art through an elevated sense of artistry and uniqueness of scale. With a nod to Cubism, this hand-painted design features oversized bold shapes in a rhythm of color and organic forms. A true showstopper that will enhance your interior


One of our most iconic designs is this black and white wall mural. Flowline is hand painted brushstrokes that lines up into an organic shape. This design creates a true statement look in your space