Artistic wall mural in burgundy on white on the wall of this staircase

Contrast Elements

5 products

5 products

Step into a world where colors tell tales of travels, art fairs, and histories written on ancient walls. Welcome to the newly reimagined wall mural collection by Belarte Studio where iconic designs bask in the warm glow of earthy nature tones and dance under the shimmer of colder accents. We proudly present our latest wall mural collection Contrast Elements

Blue and red have always danced beautifully together. But in this chapter of our design journey, they appear in softer, more muted tones, reminiscent of sunsets and the cool embrace of twilight. It's a more mature, contemplative version, evolving from the neutrals to a more dark and moody persona. The result? An elevated Scandi look, that whispers tales of the forest, sunset horizons, and the vast midnight blue sky.

Every shade in this wall mural collection stems from nature's palette. Deep browns that echo the earth's embrace, rusty reds that remind you of autumn leaves, and blues reminiscent of serene lakes. When paired with natural materials like wood, textured textiles, and stoneware, these murals elevate any space, turning it into a canvas of stories.

Artistic Lines

Where elegance meets expression in four captivating colorways. Explore the timeless allure of this iconic design, now available in burgundy, dove blue, ochre, and rust red. Immerse your space in artistry and bring your vision to life with the perfect palette. This timeless design is a tribute to the contemporary world. 


Abstract Sketch

Unveiling two stunning new colorways in burgundy and rust red. Elevate your interior design with the timeless allure of this iconic mural. Dive into a world of creativity and sophistication, where every stroke tells a story of artistic expression. Transform your walls into a canvas of inspiration with the captivating hues of burgundy and rust red.


Aquarelle Stripes

Aquarelle Stripes in ochre and dove blue. Experience the artistry of hand-painted stripes as we unveil two new enchanting colorways. These mesmerizing hues bring a touch of sophistication and serenity to your space, creating a canvas of elegance. Discover the beauty of Aquarelle Stripes, where every stroke is a masterpiece of design