Dark Elegance Hospitality Wallpaper

12 products

12 products

The dark elegance collection is a luxurious collection rich of colors and atmospheric designs. Burgundy reds, different hues of dark blue, turquoise nuances and a pop of klein blue. A collection created to enhance the interior of international environments such as luxury hotels, bars and restaurants around the world. 

Captivating colors has been the key for this collection and the result is completely absent of whites. Here you’ll find large scale organic patterns and gradient checks that are discrete yet making a great impact in any environment. These designs allow eclectic patterns and vintage geometrical shapes to blend in and create a contemporary yet timeless collection. 

This collection is inspired by structure, depth and materiality.

Floating organic patterns inspired by the grains of natural marble as well as the illusion of ore. The shine in convolutional metal has inspired us to go beyond traditional wallpaper patterns. Patterns first found in nature have been manipulated and mixed with vivid graphical shapes from the 60's and 70's. Flashbacks from the past and new influences from this year's Milan design week are merged into this collection.