bold black and white archway wall mural in green on the wall of the livingroom behind the grey sofa. squared glas table and a lether bench in black on the side. white rug with black argile motive on the wooden floor

Meeting Magic

6 products

6 products

Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds, where walls transform into canvases and imagination comes to life. Introducing the breathtaking collaboration between belarteSTUDIO x Lena Nyholm—an extraordinary fusion of artistic brilliance and boundless expression.

In this groundbreaking partnership, belarteSTUDIO and Lena Nyholm unite their distinctive visions to create a vibrant and captivating wall mural collection that pushes the boundaries of artistry. The collection is a celebration of boldness, color, and eclecticism, inviting you to journey through an array of emotions and experiences with each stroke of the brush.

Dive into the dynamic interplay of stripes and gradients that dance across the walls, embodying the harmonious duality of contrasting elements. The juxtaposition of black and white takes on a new life, transcending mere monochrome and embracing the power of opposites. These contrasting hues intertwine to tell a story of balance, unity, and the intricate beauty of duality.

The heart of this collection lies in its larger-than-life flower art. These captivating pieces pay homage to the beauty of nature, magnifying its intricate details on an unparalleled scale. With every petal and every stroke, the flower art resonates with the profound cycle of life, reminding us of the resilience and ephemeral nature of existence.

BelarteSTUDIO x Lena Nyholm have masterfully woven together a collection that is not just visually stunning, but emotionally evocative. This collaboration stands as a testament to the power of unity, diversity, and the limitless possibilities that emerge when two artistic forces converge.

As you step into spaces adorned with the belarteSTUDIO x Lena Nyholm mural collection, allow yourself to be swept away by the sheer audacity of creativity. Let the boldness inspire you, the colors rejuvenate you, and the eclecticism ignite your own artistic spirit. This collection isn't just art on walls; it's an invitation to see the world through a kaleidoscope of emotions and experiences—a reminder that art has the power to reshape our reality and touch our souls.

Magical Floral

A striking and powerful design in a harmonious symphony of Anthurium, Calla Lily and Peony. This vibrant blue design is hand crafted from beautiful and vibrant flowers. The layering gives this stunning design its realistic feel and embodies the beauty of nature. This design comes in an art version as well check the Floral Art wall mural.

Striped Archway

The archway´s bold black and white stripes symbolize the journey of contrasts and harmony, serving as a reminder that life´s richest experiences often rises from the blend of opposites. This stunning eclectic wall mural comes in two colorways Lilac and Green.

Gradient Stripe

Step into a realm of timeless allure with our captivating black gradient stripe design, a masterpiece that seamlessly merges the boldness of black with the subtlety of gradients. Adorn your walls with this stunning design and it comes in two bold colorways black and green.