black and white geometric wall mural on the wall of this midcentury inspired living room. Black sofa. Vintage retro rug on the wooden floor. Black marble squared table and a vintage lamp

Midcentury ICONS

15 products

15 products

In our wall mural collection you can find designs that fit right into the iconic Midcentury modern style. Embracing clean lines, wood structures or designs that add that artistic contrast. Midcentury design thrived on the magic of contrasts just as many of our wall murals. A delicate balance between different elements creates a sense of harmony and intrigues the viewer. Geometric shapes dance alongside sensual curves, forming a captivating visual juxtaposition. Our designs are thoughtfully made with attention to details that makes them not only beautiful to look at from a distance but also provide a rich variety of color and detail up close. These captivating contrasts inject vitality into a space, engaging observers and drawing them into embrace art around them. The dynamic mix of materials and colors added depth and excitement, turning the walls into canvases of imagination and wonder.

Retro Geometric

This wall mural design was created with classic retro geometric patterns in mind. With the mix of shapes and scale together with an irregular repeat this new classic was born. This stunning design comes in five color ways to adorn your walls with.

Wood Art

The simplicity of the craft of woodcarving has been the foundation of this nature inspired wood wall mural. Different shapes, lines and patterns being carved into the stern oak surface has created midcentury design. Adding warmth and nature into any space. To make things evan better it comes in three colors brown oak, green oak and white washed oak

Linear contrast 

A big scale statement wall mural with hand drawn stripes in various directions. Available in both sharp black and dusty blue tone in tone colors.