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3 products

Introducing our Minimaluxe Wall Mural Collection—a blend of elegance and minimalism. Inspired by historical motifs, reinterpreted for modern spaces. Explore timeless designs infused with nostalgia and luxury, honoring tradition with contemporary flair. From organic lines to illustrations, each mural captures nature's beauty and tranquility.  It’s about paring back the visual clutter in order to celebrate the things that make you feel wonderful – what a luxury it is to be able to see the objets you love most!

Minimaluxe isn't about owning less, but about choosing thoughtfully. This is a mood that will inspire creative people for the next decade, interpreting it as they will, and is a vibe you can fold into parts of your decor both big and small. It will make your home feel elevated, more expensive, and a calmer place to be. Pair with vintage or modern treasures to enhance your space's elegance. Seamlessly integrate with sleek lines for a timeless, harmonious aesthetic. Subtle contrasts and gouache drawing technique add depth and sophistication.

Graphic Flora

Embrace understated elegance with our Graphic Flora wall mural. This refined design features delicate botanical motifs in beige, white and black, adding a subtle yet sophisticated touch to any space. Drawing inspiration from the natural world's gentle contours, each element is meticulously handcrafted by our designers. A true timess design


Explore the artistry with our Women wall mural. This unique design integrates the female body in various forms, creating a subtle and elegant atmosphere. With a clean white and brown color palette, this mural brings a sense of tranquility and space to your environment while highlighting its modern aesthetic. Every curve and line, is meticulously crafted to accentuate the beauty of the female form and evoke a meditative feeling. This stunning wall mural comes in two colors white and brown.


Embrace the primal beauty of the jungle with our Feline wall mural. This design showcases tigers depicted in lighter brown tones, intricately arranged to form an enchanting pattern against a warm brown or black backdrop. The gentle yet powerful presence of these majestic creatures brings a sense of wild sophistication to your space whether you are aiming for a natural-inspired aesthetic or a touch of exotic allure. Create your very own luxurious feel with this bold design. It comes in two colorways brown and black.

Elevate your interior with the Minimaluxe Collection—a sanctuary of refined beauty and sophistication.