Orange wall murals

Orange wall murals

4 products

4 products

Orange is ideal for the kitchen or dining room, as it whets the appetite. It encourages us to socialise, tell stories and listen. It’s great for stimulating friendly conversation. Orange also encourage people to have fun and interact. Using a warm orange colour palette in interior design can bring about warmth and cosiness, it will perceive the room to be about 2-3 degrees warmer. Warm, rich oranges indicate the ability to integrate different aspects of life, sociability, self-motivation, originality, and optimistic nature. Orange can easily be matched with other colours. Earth tones and orange create a soft harmonious effect. To create more drama, try pairing orange with blue, two complementary colours. 

Variations like tangerine, terracotta, marigold and rust are more earthy and in combination with cobalt blue and a new bold feature is made. The use of orange in an interior is stimulating intellectually as well as sensually. High energy and great conversation are likely to ensue. 

Gradient Check

A graphical checked pattern in tonal of peach, pink and burgundy colors. A contemporary design suitable for both walls and ceilings.

Gradient Color

A gradient wall mural with an ombre effect from light pink to vibrant orange. 

Brushed Nature

Oil painted strokes that draw your mind to nature and foliage. Thick layers of paint in rust red and orange creates depth and a variation of color. Expression inspired by classics like Van Gogh.

Create a fun and vibrant atmosphere in your home with our Orange Wall Murals. Our selection of vibrant, eye-catching designs will instantly transform the look and feel of any room. With a variety of sizes and designs to choose from, you can easily find one that fits perfectly with yourcor. Shop now and add a touch of color to your walls!