belarteSTUDIO x Karolina Kling

Karolina Kling is a multitalented artist born in Gothenburg, Sweden. After completing her bachelor’s degree in design at HDK-Valand she decided to follow her creativity and moved to London. This is where Karolina found a new world full of possibilities resulting in an impressive portfolio spanning different art forms. 

One of Karolina’s most characteristic features of her work is the unique and colorful pattern language. It expresses a lively and dynamic energy that never fails to catch the attention of viewers and leaves anyone with an unforgettable impression.

 What have you been doing lately?

In addition to my full-time job as the head of print within the H&M organization, I have been engaged in some exciting projects. One notable project is my collaboration with belarteSTUDIO, where we’ve been working on a captivating wallpaper collection. Simultaneously, I've taken on a commission to create a significant painting for the restaurant at the new Draken hotel in Gothenburg, which also includes crafting original artworks for some of the hotel rooms. These projects have allowed me to explore different aspects of art, from wall murals to big paintings.

How would you describe your style?

I try to project my inspiration from different cultures and travel through my prints. It is often described as quite graphic and bold, but has become softer over the years. I always try to use my hands and employ various painting techniques to create my art. I love to use a lot of color in my paintings and when it comes to this collection, layers of acrylic and watercolor are carefully applied by hand, evoking the art movements that defined France in the 19th and 20th centuries. From the soft touches of Impressionism to the bold colors of Fauvism. 

I wanted to use a variation of styles within my spectrum, going from a floaty and soft handfeel to more blocky and bold for more impact. But still using softer burned color tones. The result is an artistic wall mural collection of graphic shapes and silhouettes that engage in an elegant dance across each wall.


Where do you get your inspiration? 

When creating the Faded Memories wall mural collection in collaboration with belarteSTUDIO, I drew inspiration from the captivating region of Southern France, renowned for its fine art, stunning architecture, and deep connection to nature. As an artist based in Gothenburg, I've faced the challenge of finding daily inspiration in an urban setting, which led me to seek creative nourishment through travel to culturally rich and architecturally beautiful places. I get tired of sitting with Instagram and Pinterest, I feel I really need to see and feel things in reality for maximum impact.

How did you come up with this concept? 

During my journey, I immersed myself in the beauty of summer and the cultural richness of Southern France, visiting places like the pink room at Hotel Amour and exploring a wide array of artworks at La Colombe Dor. Museums and galleries also played a significant role in fueling my inspiration.

These murals serve as a conduit, transporting individuals to the scenic landscapes, charming streets, and moments of authentic connection that define Southern France. They act as a canvas for personal narratives, allowing glimpses into a world of inspiration and beauty. Ultimately, this collection is a joyous celebration of the universal allure that art, architecture, and the natural world hold for all of us.


 What are your thoughts and dreams of the future? 

To keep working with my prints for a wide range of customers and  continue to create and explore new horizons. I love working with public spaces, interior, products, and styling. I'm excited about what's coming next and hope the  art world is looking forward with excitement to the vibrant and captivating works that will emerge.