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Bedroom with beige wall mural on teh walls. Beige bedding and a rattan headbord. Black table lamps. Wooden floor with a beige rugg. Wooden cabinets and a off white pendant lamp hanging from the ceiling
Beige artistic strokes making this modern pattern. Contemproary wall mural in a neutral color scheme. neutral wallpaper
Beige wall mural on the side of the white living room. Wooden rattan low chair.  White togo sofa adn round smal glas table on the side, Beige rug on the wooden floor,. White crisp curtains hanging to cover the windows
Beige wall mural in this white livignroom. Beige carpet on the floor. White sofa and chair. 2 white small tables and a big silver lamp
Beige wall mural with art strokes on the wall of this bedroom. Rattan headboard on the bed and grey bedding. Black side tables and wooden cabinets, White lamp pending lamp from the ceiling
Beige living room with artstrokes beige wall mural on the 2 walls. yellow sofa round small table. Rattan wooden chair. White togo sofa. Beige rug on the wooden floor. Arched white ceiling
Art Strokes Pale Beige

Art Strokes Pale Beige

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Art Strokes is the collision where fine art meets street art. This beige modern wall mural art combines the pastel crayons variations of stripes with brushstrokes, which come together in a dynamic and playful composition. It is the ultimate union of abstract lines in variation of thickness and fluid natural curved shapes which gives this wallpaper art its one of a kind expression. 

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        • FSC certified non woven wallpaper 147g with matt finish
        • Use glue/adhesive for non woven wallpaper
        • Fire class: US Class A ASTM E84, Europe: C-S1-d0 (EN 13501)