A Variety of Bedroom Styles

The bedroom is one of the home's most intimate and personal spaces and it has a significant impact on our physical and mental health. Design and decor play a central role in creating the desired atmosphere. Many view the bedroom as a sanctuary where minimalist simplicity or colorful creativity can flourish. The choice of furniture, bedding, and lighting is critical for a good night's sleep and overall well-being.

In addition to being a place for rest and rejuvenation, the bedroom is also a functional space. Smart storage solutions, including closets and organizational solutions, promote a sense of order and tranquility. The bedroom not only affects our physical health but also our mental well-being.Harmonious decor with soft colors and personal items creates a place for relaxation and reduces stress.

Regardless of the style, whether it's a sanctuary of calm and simplicity or a colorful expression of creativity. The  bedroom represents our individual expression and personal items create a place for relaxation and reduce stress.

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A great way to bring the outdoor in to your bedroom

Biophilic design creates a calming and peaceful atmosphere. With the right biophilic wall mural design, you can create a space that is both inviting and restorative. Incorporating natural elements such as plants, wood and stone, can help to reduce stress, promote well being and bring the nature of beauty into your bedroom. Adding natural light textures and colors can also create a soothing tranquil environment.

The design has become incredibly popular in recent years and for good reason. Incorporating elements of nature into our living spaces has been shown to have numerous benefits for both our physical and mental well-being. When it comes to the bedroom, creating a botanical and biophilic aesthetic can help us feel more relaxed and connected to the natural world. There are endless ways to infuse our bedrooms with the beauty of the outdoors.Whether you prefer the calming presence of rolling hills and forest motifs, the whimsical charm of fungi, or the vibrant energy of leaves and floral patterns our wall murals can transform your bedroom into a tranquil oasis. By incorporating the serene majesty of rolling hills, the enchanting allure of funghi, and the graceful movement of leaves and flowers, our wall murals bring the beauty of nature directly into your bedroom.

Harmony in your bedroom 

Transform your bedroom into a haven of peace and style with our exquisite Japandi-inspired wall murals. Each pattern and shade is meticulously chosen, reflecting the unique fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. The natural textures, reminiscent of wood and earth, bring authenticity and warmth to your walls, turning your bedroom into a serene retreat. Our wall murals aren't just decor, they are an embodiment of a lifestyle where simplicity meets sophistication. Infuse your bedroom with the serenity of Japandi design, allowing each detail to echo the harmony and elegance of this aesthetic.

Experience the seamless blend of nature's simplicity and human creativity right in your bedroom, making every moment spent there a tranquil escape. Japandi, as the name suggests, is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. Here you’ll find inspiration from ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which emphasizes the value of contentment, simplicity, and comfort, as well as Scandinavian comfort, which focuses on embracing comfort, coziness, and wellbeing.

Our collection of japandi inspired wall murals captures the essence of this design philosophy, allowing you to create a space that not only embodies the essence of nature but also reflects your personal style and taste. Redefine your bedroom with our curated selection of wall murals, where artistry meets functionality and turn your space into a sanctuary of beauty and tranquility.

How to style a japandi bedroom

Patterns on Patterns 

Experimenting with patterns in interior design is an exciting opportunity to blend different styles, materials, and eras, creating a unique and intriguing atmosphere, especially in bedrooms. Mixing and matching patterns is akin to composing a beautiful symphony, it involves selecting wall murals and patterns that complement each other to form a harmonious and lively environment. For example, you can combine a floral wall mural with a checkered floor or mix various colors and patterns in your bedroom decor to give your sleeping space a distinctive character and charm.

When combining different patterns, an exciting dynamic is created. This can be achieved by incorporating various scales of patterns, from straight lines to organic shapes. By infusing your bedroom with our exquisite wall murals, you immerse your living spaces in a captivating tapestry of patterns and elegance. The delicate balance of various patterns, from the intricate beauty of our wall murals to carefully selected elements. It elevates your bedroom space to a new level of visual magnificent. 

To achieve a harmonious atmosphere to your bedroom, it's essential to maintain a shared color palette within your chosen wall mural pattern and decor. Opting for wall murals that seamlessly blend with your furnishings and bedding creates a cohesive design narrative. Balancing the scale of patterns is fundamental to prevent overwhelming the visual senses.

Thoughtful integration of solid colors, found in elements like pillows, rugs, lamps or curtains acts as grounding points amidst the intricate wall mural designs. These solid accents not only enhance overall balance but also emphasize the richness of the patterns, allowing them to take center stage in your decor.

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Achieve the hotel feeling

Transforming your bedroom into a haven of hotel like ambiance is about striking a perfect balance between elegance and relaxation. The bedroom becomes the core of this experience and is essential in creating the desired hotel feeling. One of the most prominent aspects of this is the choice of wall murals. The patterns and colors of the wall murals should exude an aura of tranquility and exclusivity, similar to the sensation one experiences when entering an upscale hotel room. Soft pastel tones, subtle floral motifs, or even a discreet stripe can enhance the desired hotel atmosphere.

Once you have chosen the wall mural, it's time to focus on the bed – the heart of every bedroom and a central element in creating the hotel ambiance. Invest in a comfortable mattress and luxurious bed linens that invite relaxation. Beddings with high thread count, harmonizing with the colors of the wall murals, impart a sense of elegance and care. Avoid overdoing it with too many pillows, a few carefully chosen ones that match the colors of the wallpaper can add a touch of sophistication.

Patterned wall murals

Patterned wall murals are an excellent way to transform the ambiance of a room and create a hotel-like feeling in your own home. These captivating and decorative designs can transport you to a world of luxury, relaxation, and sophistication. Whether you want to bring the elegance of a boutique hotel or the serenity of a resort to your personal space, patterned wall murals can help you achieve the desired atmosphere.

Accent wall in the bedroom

When you have an accent wall mural in your bedroom, keep the other walls and furniture in neutral colors to avoid overwhelming the room. Use occasional decorative items in matching or contrasting colors to create visual interest. Lighting in the form of crystal lamps or wall sconces can further highlight the accent wall mural and create a focal point in the bedroom.

Neutral Color Palette

To introduce the relaxed luxury of an exclusive hotel into your own bedroom, consider neutral wall murals in tones such as white, beige, gray, or cream. These shades create a timeless and elegant atmosphere, giving the room a sense of calm and harmony, just like in a luxurious hotel. Choose neutral wall murals with subtle textures or tone-on-tone patterns for a soft visual effect and a touch of sophistication. Complement them with high quality bedding and pillows in matching colors for increased comfort and style. Keep the lighting soft and ambient to create the perfect hotel atmosphere in your own private sanctuary.

Playful and Colorful Bedroom

Integrating vibrant colors into your bedroom is a bold way to create a playful and lively atmosphere. Choose wall murals colors that reflect your personality and evoke positive energy. Incorporate colorful accents that match the wall murals shades, such as pillows, throws, and artworks to create a cohesive look. Let your inner artist run wild and create a symphony of colors and patterns in your bedroom. With this playful and creative approach, your bedroom becomes a place where your dreams are as colorful as reality.

Using wall murals is a fantastic way to incorporate hues and patterns into your bedroom without painting the walls. You can select from various mural designs, ranging from subtle and elegant to lively and playful wall mural, to set the desired mood. Would you like to know more about color schemes? 

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Color combination

There might be insecurity about which colors can be combined to avoid a messy appearance. To succeed in these combinations, it's crucial to consider the overall feel of the room, rather than fixating on individual pieces of furniture. There are tricks you can employ to create harmony and balance, such as starting with a color or color scheme that can be used in more than one place. For instance, you can choose a sofa and a piece of artwork on the wall that share similar tones, establishing a unified and cohesive atmosphere.

Infuse the right elements with vibrant hues

For many, there is a fear of getting tired of their chosen wall murals colors, which discourages them from fully implementing their ideas. This concern is often unfounded, especially if you place the wall mural color in the right spots. A clever strategy is to keep the base of the interior neutral and instead experiment with easily replaceable details such as textiles and decorative items like vases. Choose wall murals colors that truly resonate with your heart and disregard the rest, even if they are currently considered trendy.

Color scheme

Most colors work well together and can look fantastic when used appropriately. If you feel there are too many colors in a room, it's wise to set some boundaries. Just like many small items in a room look better when grouped in a still life rather than scattered around, the feeling can get cluttered if you use different colors haphazardly. A good idea is to have a consistent color theme running throughout your entire home, providing a cohesive feel. For example, you can choose a primary color and then work with one or two accent colors. It's also essential to consider the choice of materials for furniture and other decor to achieve a harmonious overall look.

Our colorful wall murals

By transforming your bedroom into a serene retreat has never been easier. With our exquisite selection of wall murals, you have the opportunity to infuse your space with the beauty of your choice. Our wall mural designs cater to various tastes and styles, ensuring there's something for everyone.

At Belartestudio we understand the importance of creating a space that reflects your personality and promotes tranquility. Our high-quality wall mural samples allow you to visualize the transformation before making a commitment. Let your imagination roam free, explore our stunning collection, and embark on a journey to create the bedroom you've always dreamed of.

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